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I. Change the following conditional sentences into reported speech

1.He said to her: " what would you do if you were my frind? "

2.Johnny said to his mother: " if I study this lesson. I'll know how to do this exercise"

3. My friend said: " I'm going to leave if the weather is fine tomorrow ?

4. if I had a car I would drive you to the station ' said the man to me'

5.John said " If have time I'll finish studying my lesson"

6'.If he gives her a pen ,she'll thank for him " said I

7.Lan said " If you had got up early ,you would n't have been late for your class"

8.Jane said to me " I will bring black to you some souvenirs if I visit Paris "

9." If I had more money, I would buy some beautiful presents for you"She said

10. " If you understand him he, will trust you" I said to her


1.David ( come) .......from England

2.I was driving home when I ( see) ....a car which ( break)...down,so I ( stop)...to see if I could help.

3.He ( not like)..cooking very much

4.when I ( come)...to the room last night .this film ( begin) ...a quarter before

5.Why ( you/ wash) ... your car this early morning

6.What ( he/do) ....yesterday?

7.My father never ( drink) .....wine

8.when the earthquake (take place) ....,I (work).....in my office

9.Shakespeare ( write)..........many dramas

10.Look! the girl (go).. to catch the bus

11.We ( see) ....that film before 1975?

12. This room ( paint).. since the last time I (be)...here

13.(you/meet) ....her when you were in Italy?

14. Those singera (be).... famous in my country for years.

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44. my cousin tends to LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE in any circumstance
a. be optimistic b. be pessimistic b. be confident d. be smart
45.population growth rates vary among regions and even among countries within the same region
a. restrain b. stay unchanged c. remain unstable d. fluctuate
46. the (authorities) are trying (hardly) (to promote) birth control methods to (rural) areas
47. (some of) my classmates spend (most of) their (spare) time (to surf )the Net
48. Tom sat (in) the armchair (comfortably) and watched tv after he (cleaned) the (dirty ) floor
49. (although) the difficulty, they managed (to climb) to (the top) (of) the mountain
50. there (was) a (gradually) increase in (the) number of car (accidents in) the Lowlands
51. his parents (made) him (to finish) all his homework (before) watching his (favorite show) on TV
52. my handbag, that (was stolen) while we (were playing) tennis (in) the (local) stadium has been found
53. ourr new neighbors (are quite) nice (to) us (despite) they are (sometimes) talkative

Excursions are part of education in my country. One day after the first semester, we had a nice surprise when our form teacher (54)______ us that we were going on excursion to the island of halong bay the next sunday. we were asked to be at the school gate (55)______ 6 a.m. we were very happy (56)____ for the day and prepared everything (57)___ the trip
On that day, everyone was present before6a.m. A bus took us to halong bay then we hired a boat to the islands. my close friend and i took seats in front so that we could get a better view and we (58)____ a lot of photos. we enjoyed scenes of many big boats (59) ___ out to the islands and coming to the harbour
54. a. said b. tells c. tell d. told
55. a. in b. at c. to d. for
56. a. waited b . to wait c. waiting d. wait
57. a. about b. with c. for d. form
58. a. held b. drew c. took d. caught
59. a. to go b. went c. going d. go
1. my father likes to play football with his friends in the stadium
- my father is interested in
2. it's good for you to drink two glasses of milk a day
- you had better
3. i expect to earn a lot of money with my present job
- i'm looking forward
4. although the weather was cold, she didn't put on her coat
- in spite of
5. she wasn't happy although she was extremely rich
- in spite of
6. i have sent all of the reports since yesterday because my boss is in need of them
- all of the reports
7. i will show you around this city tomorrow. peter said to me
- peter said
8. my father has bought a new car and i drive it to work every day. Nga said
- nga said
9. when tina was a teenager, she often watched tv until midnight
- tina used
10. my sister couldn't go for a picnic because her leg was broken
-because of
11. no one in my class has done these exercies
- these exercies
12. i hope my father will get well again tomorrow . Lan said
- Lan said that

2. give the correct form of the word in the parentheses in the blanks
1. I am (visit)_____ my grandma tomorrow
2. i don't mind (take ) ___ you to the the airport in my car
3. it was a really a (tragic) ____ when she had no choice but left the man she loved
4. thomas edison was a talented ( invent) ______. he was famous for a lot of ( invent)_____
5. she has ( eat) _____ a lot of fruits since she went on a diet
6. my father let me (riding) ___ my bike to school

FILL in the blank with one suitable word that makes the sentence meaningful
1. thousands of animals have ____ killer in the forest fire
2. a nurse is a person _____ looks after patients
3. in ____ of his illness, he managed to come to school
4. we arranged to meet at 7.30 yesterday morning but she didn't turn ____ on time
5. after the thieves ___ come into this big building, they went into the dining room and took some valuable things aways

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