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Câu trả lời:

1.Rewrite the following sentences:

1. There are twenty students in my class. (has)

My class has 20 students.

2. The flower garden is in front of the house. (behind)

The house is behind the flower garden.

3. We usually cycle to school. (bike)

We usually go to school by bike.

4. The school is big. (it)..

It is a big school.

5. What an old photo! ( How)

How old the photo is!

6 How many oranges do you want? (would)

How many oranges would you like?

7. How much is a bowl of noodles? (does)

How much does a bowl of noodles cost?

8.How long is that window?

What is the length of that window?


2.Complete the sentences:

1.    Viet Nam has ………….of beautiful mountains.

a.  a lots                b. an lots                  c. lot                      d. a lot

2.  How many................... are there ? There is one.

a.  pencils              b. box                       c. notebook            d. pen

3.  I have two brothers.......................... names are Minh and Tung .

a.  His                      b. Their                  c. They                      d. Theirs

4.  Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently:

a.  bus                     b. hurry                   c. sugar                     d. supper

5.  How many ……….are there ?          There is one peach.

a.  crayons              b. peaches                 c. peach                  d. peachs

6.  Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently:

a.  he                    b. me                          c. we                      d. pen

7.  What’ s your father’s name ?

a.  He’s name Phong                                b. He Phong

c. His is Phong                                        d. His name’s Phong

8.  Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently:

a.  bag                  b. bank                       c. parents                d. place

(câu này có sai đề hông hay t lú nhỉ, C với D đều khác)

9.  What’s the matter with him ?

a.  He’ s sick        b. She’s sick                c. I’m sick               d. She’s fine

10.  What.................. is your car ?

a.  color               b. this                          c. that                      d. the


3: Rewrite:

1.     What do you want to eat? (would)

Would you like something to eat?

2.     She wants some milk. (like)

She would like some milk/

3.     That car is new. ( a)

That is a new car.

4.     What a beautiful rose! (how)

How beautiful the rose is!

5.     His house is big ( has)

He has big house.

Câu trả lời:

 Choose the best answer from the four options given (marked A, B, C, or D) to complete each sentence.

Q1:  This building ………..in 1954.

    A.  has been built             B.  was built                      C.  was building                D.  is built

Q2:  His father is Vietnamese and his mother is Australian, so he is…………..

    A.  fluent                            B.  rusty                             C.  reasonable                   D.  bilingual

Q3:  He is sorry he can not drive a car well.

    A.  He wishes he can drive a car well.

    B.  He wishes he can not drive a car well.

    C.  He wishes he could not drive a car well.

    D.  He wishes he could drive a car well.

Q4:  Mr Lam went to the cinema, …………?

    A.  does he                         B.  didn’t he                      C.  doesn’t he                    D. did he

Q5:  They have watched this film in English …………2001.

    A.  in                                   B.  on                                  C.  since                             D.  for

Q6:  Please remember to ……………..the eggs carefully before making this type of cake.

    A.  marinate                       B.  sprinkle                        C.  wisk  (whisk not wisk =)) hèn chi thấy lạ lạ)                            D.  spread

Q7:  If Lan gets up early, she ………late for work.

    A.  won't be                       B.  wouldn't be                  C.  weren't                         D.  aren't

Q8:  My cousin cannot run as fast as me.

    A.  I can run faster as my cousin.

    B.  I cannot run faster than my cousin.

    C.  I can run faster than my cousin.

    D.  I can run faster more than my cousin.

Q9:  When my family lived in the city, we ……………..to the theater twice a week.

    A.  were going                   B.  used to go                    C.  uses to go                     D.  has gone

Q10:   ……………..my brother was sick yesterday , he didn’t go to work.

    A.  so                                  B.   because                       C.  since                             D.   so that