TEST 1 - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?


1.A fairy appeared and......changed hẻ old clothes(magic)

2.D.E Huges was the..........of micro(invent)

3.He is ......active in spite of his old age(wonder)

4.Coke is a ..........of cola flavour,water carbon dioxide and sugar(mix)

5.He has ................bought a new house(recent)

6.What is the...........of TM(nation)

7.there are ten ...............in the race(compete)

8.Don't bend over suddenly because this can cause........(faint)

9.Share your recycling story with our.............(read)

10.Compost is a wonderful.................It helps plants grow(fertilize)

11.How many.........holiday do you have?(nation)

12.The number of.........people increase daily(home)

13.He used all his ...........to force the door open(strong)

14...........He failed the exam(luck)

15.We are waiting for the...........of his plane(arrive)

BT2:tim va sua loi sai

1.The bike is so expensive for me to buy

2.I don't remember what did the teacher tell us last time.

3.The children were interested in take a trip to the park

4.it's plesant of reading books in spare time

5.i was told that,after been repaired,my bike will be as good as a new


1.It's extremely difficult for us to make ends meet these days

=>We find

2.It's said that he is very rich=>he

3.i'd rather you didn't tell him about that=>Please

4.What's the weight of your suicas=>How much

5.someone will meet you at the airport=>You

6.the painter painted our house last month=>We

7.This is my second visit to VN=>This is the second

8."I'm having a good time here"said L=>L said

9.The car was so rusty that it couldn't be repaired=>the car was too

10.You're the worst guitarist in the world=>Noone

1 câu trả lời


1.Her (behave/behavior/behaved/behaving)towards me very strange

2.how much is the car(makes/making/to make/made)in Japan

3.I tried my(good/best)not to laugh

4.I left at 6 a.m(so as not to be/so as not being/so as to be)late

5.She went to the market without(buy/to buy/buying)anything

6.it(has/was/is/has been)the coldest day in HN for 40 years

7.living in the countyside isn't expensive,and it isn't complex(too/either/neither/so)

8.Tim's teacher asked him to spend more time(in/of/at/on)Spainish pronunciation

9.It took me a long time to get used(to wear/to wearing/wear/wore)glasses

10.Would you mind(close/closing)the door?

11.will you pick me(on/over/up/through)after the party?

12.I've never seen such an interesting(performing/performer/performance/performed)

13.It's at least a month since(i last seen/i have last seen/i last saw)Tom

14.the new shopping mal is quite(different from/the same/like to/similar)the present shopping area

15. I like my sister house.It's a( new beautiful house/beautiful house new/beautiful new house)


the families in our street are slowly being driven mad by the refuse of the inhabitants of No.13 to have any form of(communicate)with them.The trouble started over what is known as noise (pollute).Every evening,the(think)neighbors used to turn up the volume on TV so loud that no one in the (neighbor)was able to hear anything else.Not knowing what(act)to take,local residents held a meeting to see if anyone had any(suggest)as to know how to deal worth the problem.A decision was(make)to send a number of people to talk to the family in No.13and ask them(polite)to turn their music down after six in the evening.Unfortunately,the visit did not turn out to be(success),as the inhabitants of No.13 refused to talk to them.So on the(advise) of local police,the matter now is in the hands of court.


The country is...1.beautiful than a town and more plesant to live in.Many people think so,and go tho the county..2..the summer holiday though they can't live..3...all the year round.Some have cottage built in a village..4.....that they can go there whenever.5.........find the time.E villages are not alike,but....6.....some ways they are not very different from.....7....other.Almost every village.........8.......a church,the round or square tower of which can....9.....seen from many miles around.Surrounding the church is the church yard,...10 people are buried.


1.Dave/I/have/best holiday/our lives!

2.We/be/Barba/one/most lovely island/Caribe

3.Althougt/it/much/smaller/Jama/there seem/be /much more/do/Jama

4.Moreover/people here/seem/be/friendlier/those/other island

5.We/stay/most modern hotel/I/ever/seen

6.It/large/cool/and/many people/think/it/best hotel/island

7.It/comfortable/than/other hotels

8.Nearest beach/less/hundred metters/away


BT6:chuyển sang câu bị động

1.Nobody has used this computer for a long time

2.the artist are painting a big picture in front of the Town Hall

3.IBerlin wrote the famous song"WhiC"

4.You should open the wine an hour before you use it

5.When i came,they were pulling down the old theater

b)))Chuyển sang gián tiếp

1."Is there a cafe nearby"D said to L

2."must you go now"they asked us

3."Don't go out alone at night"The household said to me

4."What does your sister want to study?"the man said to me

5.Pete said:"my uncle is working in a building near the SS"

c)))điền giới từ

1.They haven't seen Mai .....Christmas

2.They named their son......their favorite singer

3.PN cave in VN is known.......a WHS

4.In our place it is very cold......night,but it's warm.....the day

BT7: tìm lỗi sai và sửa

1.a chinese made paper to wood pulp in the yare 105

2.the house hasn't been repaired since it built

3.the fore man warned the children not touch that button

4.it spent a long time to travel to the skiing resort but in the end we got there

5.Do you know how long did the Chirstmas tree come to the USA?

BT8:viết lại câu sử dụng từ trong ngoặc

1.the table and the desk are the same size(big)

2.CL and her sister intend to spend summer holidays in BL(going)

3.could you tell me the way to the O street,please?(mind)

4.His hobby is to collect stamps(fond)

5.Anna said to Mi:Would you like to join me for dinner?(invited)

2 câu trả lời

1.He is interested in the.............of old building(preserve)

2.The.....area of the city isn't very attractive(industry)


1.The film was so interesting that we watched it several times=>It was

2.Write your name here=>Let

3.People think that computer games are harmful=>It is

4.We couldn't drive fast beacause of the fog=>The fog

5.It is a pity she can't speak French fluently=>She wishes





4.living room/paint/at the moment

5.Tet/be/important festival/which occur/late January/early Febuary


Public transport....1...LD is expensive.The fare depends on the leght of the...2........You can't buy books of ticket in....3....Children under 16 pay half, .....4.... children under five travel free.But......5..........some buses you pay the driver.Most LD.6.......are double-deckers.On the underground railway you......7...your ticket from a machine or at the........8.......of the journey.Not all train from one flatform go to the........9...place so the signs.The.........10.train leaves at about 00.


1.our teacher (have)a meeting at the hall at the present

2.We(hold)a party last night

3.He(brush)his teeth after every meal

4.Let's play soccer in the afternoon

5.He is in his room.He(test)some model

6.They (not visit)HL BAy since last summer vacation

7.The dog never(allow)to enter the room

8.peter(sing)an E song at the party last night went his friend went out??

9.I've just bought some pain and tomorrow i'm free so I(paint)the walls tomorrow morning

10.The table(repair)as soon as he finishes his work

Bt 7:

1.the teacher.............E in class 8A now is Mr.H(teach)

2.She had a bad cold yesterday but today she is.......(good)

3.we should......(fertilizer) our rice paddies regularly to get a better crop

4.we ought to pour the........into intended shapes(mix)

5.They began to go in the.......of HL Beach(direct)

BT8:tim va sua loi sai

1.I'd prefer him went ther immediately

2.She gets up early every morning so as to not come to school late

3.they were hungry,so i suggested to have dinner early

4.It's called the flowers-arranging contest


1.E and F are spoken in Canada(chuyển sang câu chủ động)

2.Mai said to me"Do you know how Pete does his exam?"(chuyển sang câu gián tiếp)

3.she said"i'm living in HD now"(Chuyển sang gián tiếp)

4.they will laught at you if you wear that hat(bị động)

5.the poem"A visit from SN" was written by CCM( đặt câu hỏi cho từ CCM)

6."shut the door but don't lock it"She said to us(gián tiếp)

7.I heard he was ill.I was very sorry( kết hợp 2 câu,sử dụng cấu trúc "adj+full infinitive )

8.it is right if i take a photograph?(dùng Do you mind)

9.The last time I saw him was in 1998(dùng seen)

10.I don't think she is strong.She can't lift such a heavy can(Kết hợp 2 câu thành 1 sử dụng "enough")


1.the car/make/China/be/not/expensive

2.The road/join/two/ villages/be/not/wide

3.this table/big/as/that one

4.What /delever/to/ people/by/radio/television?

5.My sister/good/at/English/your sister?

3 câu trả lời

1.điền giới từ thích hợp

1.He had a lot of trouble with E...........the beginning

II.viết lại câu:

1.He said to her"I'll take you home"=>He said

2.People are going to build a bridge over my house=>A bridge

3.Hoa loves reading the story=>Hoa enjoys

4.I don't like to watch TV everynight=>I dislike

5.They repaired this road in 2002=>The road

6.Tea is warm.I can't drink it=>Tea is


1.This film is the best one i(ever see)

2.I (not see)him since he(leave)this school

3My father(work) for the Gamen factory since 1987

4.We (spend) several weeks in Hl Bay last summer

5.Lan and hoa (not finish)their homework yet

6.They enjoy (live) in NT


1.The facsimile was........by Alexander in 1943(invent)

2.New ideas can be.....by private inventors(develope)

3.Is QT school your first....................position

V. Tìm lỗi sai và sửa lại

1.The mail sort by computers before delivery

2.Children educate in part by television directed by computer

3.Your study will improve when you know how use computers more effectively

4.Is computers use in directing flights of planes and controlling their airspeeds


1.That children(will/had better/has/have)to go at once

2.The front yard is(so small/too small/very small)to play soccer in

3.My brother feels(strongly/strenght/strong/enough strong)again after his operation

4.This form must have the(signature/to sign/signing/sign)of the writer

5.(Is/Are/Does/Can)the begining of the day called morning or evening?

6.Nam(was/were/is/has been)familiar with getting up early in the winter two years ago

7.The school yard was(crowd/crowds/crowded/crowding)with students

8.These are new born(calf/calves/calfes/calfs)of our farm

9.Unless you work hard you(won't fail/will fail/don't fail/didn't fail)the exam

10.The show last night was so(fascinating/fascinated/boring/excited)

11.Nung is(bored/boredom/boring/to bore)with being a famous star

12.She hasn't written to me(already/never/no longer/yet)

13.Their family had a few(hours/hour's/hours'/hour)rest after a long trip

2 câu trả lời


1.don't leave the light on.it wastes......(electric)

2.Those clothes are ......for cold weather(suit)

3.i hope we have .......weather for our holiday(sun)

4.........we have just passed the examination(Luck)

5.the production of corn needs good..........(fertilize)

6.i'm afraid you've..........me because that's not what I mean(understand)

7.it was a........song and she sang.........(beauty)

8.this river is very....for swimmers(danger)


1.can you translate that...........German

2.are you acquainted........the lady?

3.i apologize.............keeping you waiting

4.teacher are responsible............the principal................their teaching

5.What prevented you...........coming earlier


1.Jane/not write/me/since/leave/my farm

2.I/would like/new clothes/but/money

3.she/prefer/stay /home/shopping

4.He/get up/so late/miss/train


1.Thank you for helping me

=>It was kind

2.Staying at home would be better than going out tonight

=>I'd rather

3.You can't understan these things because you're young

=>You aren't old

4.Robert is a playwright as well as an actor

=>Robet is not only

5.they didn't finish the kitchen on Monday

=>the kitchen

6.The last time I saw Linda was at John's birthday party

=>I haven't


1.after (leave) the school,John (find) it very difficult to get a job

2.Your daughter(grow)a lot since i last saw her

3He wishes he (come)back to his mother land now

4.Stop(argue)and start(work)

5.Don't forget(lock) the door before (go)to bed

6.Mary used(be)a football player.She had to stop (play) because an injury

7.Mr.Jo (teach)E in his school since he(graduate)

8.Mozart (start)(compose)at the age of five and (write)more than 600 pieces of music

1 câu trả lời

BT1:Viết lại câu

1.People always laugh at his funny face.He doesn't like it

=>He dislikes

2.The car was so rusty that I couldn't be repaired

=>The car was too

3.We run out of ice-cream

=>There is

4.We started to study Japanese in 1994

=>We have

5.The arrival time of Hellen's flight is 8.00

=> Hellen's flight

BT2:điền một từ thích hợp

One day,Mr.Bin went for a picnic in a park in....1.....country.He...2...carefully packed everything the night before.He used to...3.......up late but that day he got up at 5 in the morning and.....4.off straight away.He was so excited that he sang along with his Walkman all the way.After three hours'drive,he got to the park.He parked the car and carefully locked it up.Ten minutes.5......,while Mr.Bin.....6....enjoying himself in the sunshine and..........7....to his favourite music,a thief appeared in the car park.The thief came over to Mr Bin's cả,easily broke the lock and got into it.He stated the engine and was ready to drive away.He put his hand on the steering wheel,but it wasn't there. .......8...... leaving the car,Mr.Bin had taken it off and brought along

BT3:Khoanh tròn

1.He quickly put...(a few/a little/few)thing into a bag

2.Two year...(is/are)along time to wait

3.Would you like...(less/fewer)coffee than this?

4....(a number of/the number of)students are going to the class picnic

5.They have got....(so/such)much money,they don't know what to do with it

6.What he told you...(seem/seems)to be importance

7.I have lived in HN...........(most/most of)my life

8.She swims .........(as/like) a fish

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