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Mấy bài dạng này chủ yếu dịch và lên google tìm hiểu chút là làm được hết

III. Complete the sentence with an appropriate word. The first letter is given. GIẢI THÍCH GIÚP MÌNH NỮA NHÉ

1. N_____onverbal_____ communication is communication that does not involve words.

Nonverbal communication: giao tiếp phi ngôn ngữ

2. Will we be travelling in f__lying_______ cars in twenty years?

flying cars: xe hơi bay

3. Tim Berners-Lee is best known as the i__nventor________ of the World Wide Web.

inventor: người phát minh

4. Some of the most popular s___ocial_________ media websites include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

social media: truyền thông xã hội 

5. Voyager 2 is still the only s___pacecraft_______ to visit Neptune and Uranus.

spacecraft: tàu vũ trụ

*Voyager 2 là tên 1 tàu vũ trụ, cái này bạn tra trên gg là nó ra

6. Jupiter is by far the largest p___lanet______ in our solar System.

planet: hành tinh

*Jupiter là sao Mộc, là 1 hành tinh

7. The planet Mars was first e_____xplored___________ in the 1970s.

explore: khám phá

8. My phone b___attery_______ was dead, so I couldnt call anybody.

phone battery: pin điện thoại

9. In the near future many i____ncurable______ diseases, such as AIDS and cancer, will be cured.

incurable diseases: bệnh nan y

10. The planets in our solar System are divided into two groups - the inner planets and the o____uter______ planets.

inner - outer: bên trong - bên ngoài

Câu trả lời:

16. We feel very __________ today.

A. happy                            B. happiness                    C. happily                        D. happen

17. My parents saw me __________ at the railway station.

A. in                                   B. for                               C. up                               D. off

18. Nam put up the fence __________ prevent hens from going out.

A. so                                  B. so that                         C. in order to                   D. because

19. Stop now! You've done __________ work for one day.

A. too many                       B. plenty                          C. quite more                   D. quite enough

20. __________ weather! We can't go out for a walk now.

A. How terrible                  B. What terrible               C. How a terrible             D. What a terrible

21. Not one of the students __________ the answer to that difficult problem.

A. know                             B. knows                         C. is knowing                  D. has known

22. Never __________ a gift horse in the mouth.

A. feel                                B. catch                           C. hold                            D. look

23. He seldom goes fishing __________?

A. doesn’t he                     B. is he                            C. does he                       D. isn't he

24.  A surgeon is a doctor who performs an operation.

A. studies                           B. researchers                  C. is interested in             D. carries out

25. Host: “I’m terribly sorry for this inconvenience.”  -  Guest: “__________.”

A. Fine,thanks.                  B. It’s not your fault          C. I’ll do better next time         D. It’s mine. I came late.