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Câu trả lời:

VI. Choose the correct answer A, B, C. or D to fill each blank in the following passage.

Breakfast is  the (1)  important meal of the day.  It  provides thenutrients your body needs for good health, the calories  it needs   for (2)             and helps to maintain your blood sugar level. Studies have shown that people who don’t have breakfast have a low blood sugar level and are often slow, tired, hungry and (3)  to   concentrate.   Surprisingly,   breakfast   actually   plays  a   part   in   weight control. It's easier to  (4)  weight if you eat in the morning rather than later in the day. Dividing the day’s calories  (5)   three  meals  helps  take  off  weight  more  efficiently  than  (6)      breakfast and having two larger meals a day does.

1. A. healthy                B. tasty                C. main              D. most

2. A. strenght              B. power             C. energy           D. effort

3. A. able                    B. enable             C. unable                D. capable

4. A. lose                   B. put                    C. gain                D. drop

5. A. in                      B. into                  C. up                     D. for

6. A. skipping            B. making            C. buying              D. serving