Unit 8: English Speaking Countries - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Choose the best answer to fill in the blank.

She needs to work on her interview ________ if she wants to get the job.

A. technological

B. technique

C. technician

D. technology

The teacher ________ me that I had better devote more time to science subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology.

A. talked

B. spoke

C. told

D. said

Science is used in all corners of the world for the ________ of people.

A. interest

B. profits

C. need

D. benefit

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of ________ concerned with making computers copy intelligent human behaviour.

A. lesson

B. learning

C. study

D. invention

The protection of technologies and technological information has become ________ for many nations.

A. the importance concerning

B. an important concern

C. the importance of a concern

D. a concern of important

Yuri Gagarin must have ________ strong feelings when he completed one orbit around Earth.

A. saw

B. heard

C. experienced

Astronauts used ________ to move around on the surface of the moon.

A. moon buggies

B. rockets

C. spaceships

A ________ is a small Solar System body that develops a long, bright tail when it passes near the sun.

A. earth

B. asteroid

C. comet

D. planet

Human beings could live on other planets if they have the same ________ as that on Earth.

A. atmosphere

B. weather

C. space

D. climate

Because Earth cannot ________ our increasing population, scientists are looking for new places where human beings can live.

A. allow

B. involve

C. deny

D. accommodate

Give the correct form of the words in the brackets in each of the following sentences.

These panels use ________ energy. (sun)

The history of space ________ began in 1957 when the Soviet launched the first artificial satellite Sputnik into space. (explore)

The ________ water on Earth is the catalyst for life forms. (plenty)

Scientists have found some ________ between Earth’s surface and Mars’. (similar)

The crew ________ watched the space buggy explode. (help)

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IV. Give the correct form of the verb.

1. If we meet at 9:30, we (have)………..plenty of time.

2. If you (find) …………a skeleton in the cellar, don't mention it to anyone.

3. The zookeeper would have punished her with a fine if she ( feed) ……….. the animals..

4. If we send an invitation, our friends …..(come) to our party.

V. Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase .

Acid rain will not be an easy problem(1)……. As more and more countries become …(2)… there will be more and more competition for petroleum for cars, home heating and industry . While ….(3)….petroleum contribute greatly…(4)….acid rain, it is less polluted than coal.

Unfortunately, petroleum is more ..(5)…than coal and no one knows exactly ..(6) … petroleum is left. Therefore, there will be a pressure to burn coal for energy. Coal is a ..(7) ..dirtier energy source than petroleum. Since we already know how …(8).. acid rain is, it is important ..(9)… we increase our efforts to find a ..(10)…. Source of energy as quickly as possible, so that we can avoid further environmental damage.

1. A. solve B. to solve C. solved D. solving

2. A. industry B. industrial C. industrialize D. industrialized

3. A. firing B. shooting C. burning D. cooking

4. A. to B. for C. at D. with

5. A. expensive B. cheap C. clean D. dirty

6. A. how many B. how much C. how far D. how long

7. A. so B. many C. lot D. much

8.A. destroy B. destroyed C. destruction D. destructive

9. A. that B. if C. weather D. which

10. A. polluted B. polluting C. non-polluting D. non- polluted

VI. Rewrite the sentence

1. Although he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his job.

In spite of …………………………………

2.He gets up early in the morning and he used to it.

He is used to …………………………………

3.He doesn’t study hard so he will fail the final exam next month.


4.I will stay at home unless I am invited


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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. disease​B. dead​C.treatment​​D. sneeze

2. A. environment​B. billboard​C. visual ​​D. litter

3. A. birth​B. thermal​C.earth​​D. further

4. A. poisoned​B. died​C.dumped​​D. caused

5. A. contaminant​B. waste​C. illustrate ​​D. radiation

II. Choose the word whose main stress pattern is placed differently.

1. A. environment​B. temperature​C.botanical​D. contaminant

2. A. untreated​B. aquatic​C.pollution​D. electronic

3. A. pollute​B. poison​C.damage​D. illustrate

4. A. presentation​B. radioactive​C.environmental​D. contamination

5. A. permanent​B. Chemical​C.dramatic​D. herbicide

III. Complete each sentence with an appropriate word. The first letter of each word is given.

1. The fish have died because the river water is heavily p________.

2. Health e________ from air pollution include lung cancer, and respiratory diseases.

3. Acid rain causes serious d________ to plants and trees.

4. If the air wasn’t dirty, Nick w________ sneeze so much.

5. The main gases that l________ to acid rain are sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.

6. There is a danger of serious contamination from radioactive w________.​

7. Hundreds of d________ fish were found floating in the river near the factory.

8. U________ sewage can spread disease and contaminate drinking water sources.

IV. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentence.

1. After the accident, many people were exposed________ radiation.

A. from​B. at​​C. to​​D. with

2. Light pollution has a wide range of negative effects________ I’m human health.

A. on​B. of​​C. for​​D. to

3. ________can cause high blood pressure, heart problems, sleep disturbances, and hearing problems.

A. Air pollution ​B. Light pollution ​C. Water pollution ​D. Noise pollution

4. The levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have risen________ the burning of fossil fuels.

A. therefore​​B. because​​C. in spite of​​D. due to

5. If rubbish is non-biodegradable, it________ forever.

A. exists​​B. will exist​​C. won’t exist​​D. doesn’t exist

6. ________are Chemicals that are used to kill unwanted plants, such as weeds.

A. Fertilizers​B. Pesticides​C. Herbicides​​D. Pollutants

7. There would be much less pollution________ people stopped using cars completely.

A. if​​B. since​​C. when​​D. although

8. Emissions of pollutants into the air can________ changes to the climate.

A. get on​​B. end up​​C. go into​​D. result in

9. ________can we help save our environment?

A. What​​B. How​​C. Why​​D. How much

10. If we care about plastic waste________.

A. why won’t we stop drinking bottled water? ​B. we would use reusable shopping bags

C. we will throw away plastic water bottles. ​D. why don’t we buy plastic bags?

V. Choose the underlined word or phrase, A, B, c or D that needs correcting.

1. What will happen if the Earth stopped moving?


2. One of the things all of us can do to protect and improve our environment is recycle.


3. Humans can even die if they will drink contaminated water.


4. Long-term exposure to loud noise results permanent hearing loss.


5. They believe that water pollution is the large cause of deathand disease in the world.


6. Is the recycling process in itself damaging for the environment?


7. We won’t save the environment if we stop using so muchenergy.


8. One in six species is at risk of extinction because climate change.


9. The amount of waste decreased if people started to buy reusable packages.


10. Contaminated water can cause of many types of diarrheal diseases, including cholera.


VI. Write the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets.

1. It would be better for the environment if more people________ (use) bikes rather than cars.

2. If we use less energy, we________ (help) reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Every year, million tons of plastic________ (dump) into the oceans.

4. A thick smog________ (settle) over New Delhi since winter________ (begin).

5. Noise pollution can________ (cause) by vehicle, aircraft, and industrial noise.

6. Human activities________ (destroy) nature at an unacceptable rate right now.

7. A decade ago, WHO________ (classify) air pollution as a link to lung cancer.

8. If the temperature________ (increase) by a few degrees during the next few years, we________ (run into) serious problems.

9. What________ (happen) if all the pollution in the world________ (disappear)?

10. At 8 o’clock last night, I________ (watch) “A Plastic Wave”, a documentary on plastic pollution.

11. We should avoid ________ (buy) frozen foods because their packaging is mostly plastic.

12. Air pollution can make people ________ (die).

VII. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.

1. As an________ why do you oppose banning plastic bags? (environment)

2. The radiation leak has had a________ effect on the environment. (disaster)

3. The water supply is being tested for​________.(contaminate)

4. Heavy metals in________ water cut short millions of lives every year. (drink)

5. Scientists warn that plastic pollution in oceans will be one of the ________ threats. (big)

6. Pollution is the process of making parts of the living environment________. (dirt)

7. If thermal pollution continues for a long time, it can________ cause huge bacteria. (possible)

8. She became deaf after long-term________ to noise in the workplace. (expose)

9. Living near a busy road could cause high blood________. (press)

10. Wastewater________ a process used to remove contaminants from sewage. (treat)

VIII. Match the questions to the answers.

1. What is the main reason for thermal pollution?

2. What effect does thermal pollution have on aquatic animals?

3. How to minimize the water pollution due to Chemicals?

4. What diseases are usually caused by air pollution?

5. Which gas is mainly responsible for global warming?

6. What are the effects of noise pollution?

7. Why are plastic bags a big environmental nuisance?

8. What are sources of radioactive pollution?

a. They are non-biodegradable and create an environmental harzard.

b. Nuclear wastes from nuclear power plants, mining and processing of nuclear material etc.

c. Carbon dioxide. It contributes about 55% to global warming.

d. It affects their growth and may kill off them.

e. Hot water released by power plants and industries.

f. Sleep disturbance, high blood pressure, emotional problems and annoyance.

g. Rickets, throat cancer, lung cancer and breathing problem.

h. Treat wastewater before discharging into a flowing body of water.

IX. Choose the word which best fits each gap.

Many human activities over the last 200 years have been responsible (1) ________ polluting the air and damaging people’s health. Automobile engines and power plants burn combustible (2) ________ like gasoline and coal and allow toxic gases and smoke to escape into the air. Some pollutants destroythe ozone layer, which is the thin blanket of gases that (3)________ Earth from the Sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays. Other pollutants contribute to (4) ________ warming by adding to the planet’s natural greenhouse effect. Still others create acid rain, a phenomenon that has disastrous (5) ________ on lake and foresthabitats. Air pollution is not limited to industrial areas. Depending on the direction of the wind and its force, air pollutants may (6) ________ spread to other countries very far from the source of the pollution.

Big cities like Los Angeles and Mexico City are*often covered by smog, a fog that occurs (7) ________ air pollution. In 1952, the City of London, England, was enveloped by smog so thick that people on the streets had to feel their way around by (8) ________ the walls of buildings!

1. A. for​​B. of​C. to​D. with

2. A. chemicals​​B. means​C. fuels​D. matters

3. A. covers​​B. protects​C. stops​D.damages

4. A. environmental​B. thermal​C. temperature​D.global

5. A. affects​​B. causes​C.sources​D. effects

6. A. never​B. even​C. ever​D.hardly

7. A. because of ​B. in spite of​C. instead of​D. due of

8. A. climbing​B. walking​C.touching​D. putting up

X. Read the passage carefully and do the tasks.

There are many kinds of pollution. Air, water, and land can be polluted. Some pollution is caused by nature, such as foods, forest fires, and volcanoes. People are the major Cause of pollution. We pollute the air with our cars, homes, and factories. Smoke from factories and car exhaust makes the air looks gray and smoggy. Some people cannot go outside when the air is very bad! We pollute the water by dumping garbage and Chemicals in the water. Plants and animals die because of the pollution in the water. We pollute the soil with Chemicals and garbage. We harm the land by cutting down trees in the forest, especially to build roads and new houses without careful planning and thinking.

The only way to save our environment is to think about pollution. How can you stop or limit pollution? How do we protect our environment? Conservation is one way to protect our environment. Conservation is the wise use and protection of our environment. We can control water pollution by not producing as much as waste and by proper disposal of sewageand garbage. We can take care of recreation land by cleaning up,after ourselves and not causing more pollution. Carpooling and public transportation will help reduce air pollution.

Recycling is a type of conservation. Recycling is reusingitems over again or in a new way. Recycling can help usconserve our natural resources so they will last many more years.

A. Find the word in bold in the passage that means:

1. the protection of the natural environment​________​

2. have a bad effect on something​________

3. a large amount of water covering an, area that usually dry​________ ​

4. sharing a car ride with other people​________

5. waste gases that come out of an engine​________

6. the process of making air, water, soil, etc. dirty​________

7. get rid of​________

B. Choose the correct answers.

1. According to the passage, pollution________

A. is always caused by humans.​​B. can only be caused by nature.

C. is mainly caused by humans.​​D. may sometimescause natural disasters.

2. What kind of pollution may a car cause?

A. Air pollution ​B. Water pollution ​C. Soil pollution ​D. Light pollution

3. Which of the followings is not an example of soil pollution?

A. Land development​​B. Waste disposal

C. Pesticide or fertilizer use​​D. Exhaust from traffic

4. How can we help save our environment?

A. Stop pollution.​B. Dump garbage into the river.

C. Drive cars everywhere.​D. Cut down trees in the forests.

5. How does recycling help the environment?

A. It expands landfills.​B. It saves natural resources.

C. It increases water pollution.​D. It causes air pollution.

6. What can we do to help reduce air pollution?

A. Walk or bike​B. Carpool to work or school

C. Use public transport​D. All of the above

7. What is the main idea of this article?

A. The air is dirty because of cars and factories.

B. The soil gets polluted from littering.

C. People cause pollution, but they can also stop or limit it.

D. Conservation is the only way to stop environmental pollution.

XI. Joining two sentences, using the words in brackets.

1. We must conserve water. Otherwise we will face serious water shortages. (IF)


2. The weather was awful. We didn’t enjoy our camping holiday. (BECAUSE OF)


3. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable. They will remain in the environment for many years. (SINCE)


4. Paul doesn’t think about the planet. He wastes so much water. (IF)


5. Water pollution happens. Many aquatic animals such as fish can die. (LEAD)


6. The climate is changing. The earth is getting warmer. (BECAUSE)


7. We should stop cutting down so many trees. We endanger our oxygen supply. (UNLESS)


8. People begin to recycle. They generate much less trash. (WHEN)


9. We are damaging the ozone layer. The ozone layer is necessary for human existence. (EVEN THOUGH)


10. Sue is suffering from skin cancer. She was exposed to radiation when she was young. (SO)



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