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TV Cuber
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Phong Thần
Ngô Thùy Linh

Câu trả lời:

1. Listen! My mother (sing)______is singing__________________a song.

2. Every night, We (go)___________go_____________to bed at 10p.m

3. Giang (like)__________likes_____Music but I (like)____like________________Math

4. Now, they (stay)________________are staying___________in Hue .

5. My father (read)_________________reads_________a newspaper in the morning

6. Look! Ha (run)__________________is running____.

7. Trang usually (listen)_listens___ to the teacher in the class, but she (not listen)__isn't listening___now.

8. Where ______________is_______ your father(be)?

-He (be)_____is___ living room. He (watch) __is watching____TV.

9._______Are____they (go) going to school by bus today?

10.There(be)____are_______many flowers in our garden.

11. Every morning, my father (have) _has_____________a cup of coffee but today he (drink)_____is drinking_______milk.

12. At the moment, I(read)_____am reading__________a book and my brother (watch)___is watching____ TV.

13. Hoa (live)________lives________in Hanoi, and Ha (live)______lives__________in HCM City.

14. Hung and his friend (play)______are playing_________badminton.

15. They usually (get up)__________get up_________at 6.oo in the morning.

16. Ha never (go)________goes______fishing in the winter but she always (do)_____does________ it in the summer.

17. My teacher (tell)_________is telling_________Hoa about Math.

18. There (be)_________are___________ animals in the circus.

19. ______Does_________he (watch)_________watch_____TV at 7.00 every morning?

20. What _____does________she (do) ____do_____________at 7.00 am?

21. How old ____is_____she (be)?

22. How ________is___she (be)?

23. My children (Go)____are going____________to school by bike.

24. We (go)______are going_________to supermarket to buy some food.

25. Mr. Hien (go)__________goes______on business to Hanoi every month.

26. Ha (like)_________likes_____coffee very much, but I (not like)____don't like__________it.

27. She (like)___likes_____________Tea, but she (not like)___doesn't like_________________coffee.

28. I (love)_______love________ cats, but I (not love)________don't love__________dogs.

29. Everyday ,I (go)______go________to school on foot, but today I (go)_________am going_______to school by bike.

30. Who are you ____waiting_____________(wait) for Nam?

- No, I _______am waiting________________(wait) for Mr. Hai.

31. My sister (get)______gets________ dressed and (brush)_______brushes________her teeth herself at 6.30 everyday.

32. Mrs. Smith (not live)________doesn't live____in downtown. She (rent)_______is renting____in an apartment in the suburb.

33. How _____do____your children (go)_______go__________to school everyday?

34. It's 9 o'clock in the morning. Lien (be)___is_____in her room. She (listen) ________is listening_______to music.

35. We_________are playing______________(play) soccer in the yard now.

36. My father (go)______goes_____ to work by bike. Sometimes he(walk)_______walks_______.

37. My house (be)_____is____in the city and it (be)__is_______small.

38. Every morning , we (have)_____have_____breakfast at 7.00 am.

39. This (be)__is______a book and there (be)___are______pens.

40. Mr. Quang (live)_____lives_______in the countryside. He (have)___has_______a big garden.

41. John (not have)_______doesn't have_______Literature lesson on Friday.

42. What time _____do____you (start)______start_____your class?

43. ____Are_______you (be) in class 12A3?

44. Mrs. Ha (learn)_________learns_________in Hanoi, but she (not live)_________doesn't live_________ there.

45. My brother (not live)______doesn't live______________in London; he (live)__________is living_____ in Manchester.

46. Now Mr. Long (design) _________is designing___________his dream house.

47. He (like)________likes_____APPLES, but he (not like)___doesn't like__________________bananas.

48. ___________Does_______she (like)_____like_________apples?

49. Usually, I (have)_______have__________lunch at 12.00.

-_____________Do_____you (have) _______have____________lunch at 11.00?

50. He can (swim)______swim_________but I can't(swim)__________swim___________.

51. At the moment, my sister (read)_________is reading__________ a comic book.

52. I (like)_____like_____________ice-cream.

53. Where _____does______________Mr. Ha (live)_______live________?

54. Monkeys can (climb)______climb___________ the tree.

55. Hang (go)______________is going____to the bookshop now because she (want) _____wants______to buy some books.

56. We (go) ______are going________to market and (buy)______buying___________some fruits.

57. Now, Lan (study)______is studying__________English and Lien (listen)_______is listening_______to music.

58. Every night , she (have)_____has_______________dinner at 7.00 p.m.

59. Every year, I usually (go)_________go_____________Vietnam.

60. In the summer, I sometimes (go)____go________________swimming.

Bài 2: Chia động từ trong ngoặc

1. It often __________rains________ in Ireland. That’s why they call it the “Green Island”. But it _________isn't raining_________ there at the moment. (rain, not rain)

2. Such behaviour normally _____makes_____________ me furious. (make)

3. Stop right now! You __________break________ the flowers every time the ball _____________lands_____ in the flower bed. (break, land)

4. Where is Tom? - I don’t know. I _____think_____________ he _____is playing_____________ tennis with his younger brother, Mark. (think, play)

5. Our children ___________enjoy_______ going skiing with us. (enjoy)

6. My brother isn’t here. He _____is touring_____________ Spain at the moment. (tour)