Unit 8 : Celebrations - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Multiple choice

1. You should have a....... check your motorbike regularly (desinger/ plumber/ mechanic/ electrician)

2. He needs a........ to fix the faucet (doctor/ engineer/ worked/ plumber)

3. They...... their living by catching fish everyday (did/ made/ had/ took)

4. Who suggested......... on camping holiday in October? (go/ goes/ going/ to)

5. Unless you understand, I...... explain it to you (am/ was/ will/ would)

6. My mother forgot to........ the faucet before leaving for work (turn on/ turn over/ turn off/ turn up)

7. If you want to save money, you should.......... the amount of water your family uses (increase/ reduce/ repair/ install)

8. Mrs. Ha suggested....... tennis this afternoon (played/ plays/ playing/ to play)

9. He has already been....... as a candidate (called/ nominated/ remembered/ said)

10. You should....... the amount of the water your family uses (reuse/ reduce/ rebel/ recycle)

11. We are very worried about...... lots of money on energy in our home (spend/ to spend/ spending/ spent)

12. What about....... garbage bins around the school yard? (put/ putting/ puts/ to put)

13. If we......... on wasting water, there will be a shortage of fresh water in a few decades (go/ het/ depend/ turn)

14. Hoa sighed....... when she heard that she failed the test (happily/ sadly/ slowly/ well)

15. Oh, he's running so....... that I can't catch up with him (quick/ fast/ slow/ slowly)

16. He shouted and looked........ at me when I broke the vase (angry/ angrier/ angrily/ hungry)

17. I opened the door because I wanted to get some..... air (cold/ new/ fresh/ wet)

18. She broke the vase because she was....... (carefully/ careful/ careless/ carelessly)

19. She has....... provide a picnic lunch for us (kind/ kindly/ kindness/ unkind)

20. What is the name of the man..... gave up a lift? (who/ whom/ what/ which)

21. Please turn....... the volume. It's nearly midnight (on/ off/ up/ down)

22. I'm going to throw these old clothes....... (over/ away/ up/ off)

23. Remember to turn....... the lights before going to bed (of/ off/ on/ up)

24. I lost my pen. I have looked..... it for all morning (for/ after/ up/ at)

25. I wear a hat....... I don't want to be sick (because/ but/ therefore/ and)

26. She is very tied....... she has to finish her homework (moreover/ so/ and/ however)

27. She's very intelligent........, she's quite lazy (therefore/ but/ however/ so)

28. We lost the match...... we tried our best (because/ but/ so/ although)

29. I got wet....... I forgot my umbrella (because of/ because/ but/ and)

30. People....... take physical exercise can live longer ( who/ whom/ which/ when)

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  1. On Easter Day , people crowded the streets to watch colorful ________. ( shows, parades, contests, paradises)
  2. He’s having a party in ___ of his 84th birthday. ( ceremony, anniversary, celebration, memory)
  3. We are going to ________ the anniversary of our 50th wedding. Please stay and come.

a- welcome b- celebrate c- open d- hold

  1. Tet is a festival which _________ in late January or early February.

a- begins b- causes c- carries d- occurs

  1. I was enjoying the ________ of not having to go to work.

a- freedom b- opportunity c- ability d- permission

  1. Chocolate and eggs are what children receive _____ Easter. a- at b- on c- in d- with
  2. People in Ireland dance __________ Easter Day to win prize cakes. (//)
  3. Tet is a good time when family members live ________ get together.

a- on b- at c- apart d- outside

  1. Tet is a time for families to clean and ________ their homes

a- cover b- install c- conserve d- decorate

  1. Passover, a Jewish festival is celebrated freedom from __________.

a- slavery b- servants c- service d- labor

  1. Many accidents _________ in the home. a- present b- occur c- appear d- develop
  2. Some people consider Easter a __________ festival rather than a religious festival.

a- joyful b- joke c- cheer d- happy

  1. Passover is also a / an __________ spring festival.

a- ancient b- modern c- new d- disappointed

  1. Passover is celebrated in Israel and by all __________ people.

a- English b- Vietnamese c- Japanese d- Jewish

  1. Let me congratulate you _____ winning the prize! a- on b- at c- with d- because of
  2. It is very nice _________ you to say so. a- at b- of c-in d- on
  3. What activities do you want to take part __________ at school ? (//)
  4. She ___________ me on warmly on my exam results.

a- congratulated b- praised c- wished d- advised

  1. Was the movie “Star Wars” ________ for an Oscar ?.

a- recognized b- nominated c- taken d- accepted

  1. The show raised thousands of dollars for _________.

a- charity programs b- wedding day c- council d- congress

  1. She’s not really my girlfriend; she’s just a / an __________.

a-acquaintance b- pupil c- student d- person

  1. The movie we saw last night is ________; you have to see it.

a- terrible b- terrific c- bad d- boring

  1. The weather was fine. The service was good. We had a _________ time on holiday!

a- terrific b- terrible c- horrible d- poor

  1. If medical supplies are short, children will be given ___________.

a- importance b- necessity c- priority d- first

  1. My parents’ feelings for me are so strong that the word love can't _______ them.

a- describe b- compose c- make d- celebrate

  1. She’s very kind. She’s always __________ towards her employees.

a- considerate b- proud c- happy d- distinguished

  1. Children under the age of 4 cannot always ____________ between the truth and a lie.

a-differ b- distinguish c- separate d- sort

  1. We think that Mother’s Day should be celebrated _________.

a- national b- nationality c- nationwide d- nation

  1. Many tourists enjoy most of the festivals in Vietnam although they do not understand Vietnamese _________ very much. a- culture b- information c- season d- party
  2. She is so sad because she is not ___________ with her exam result.

a- considerate b- generous c- satisfied d- terrific

  1. Children can't get to sleep on Christmas Eve because they are too ________.

a- excited b- bored c- interested d- worried

  1. Reading in English is an excellent way to _________ your vocabulary .

a- enhance b- nominate c- satisfy d- encourage

  1. He is a good composer. He began to ____________ songs at an early age.

a- write b- read c- design d- compose

  1. Auld Lang Syne is the title of a Scottish song ________ means good time long ago.

a- who b- which c- having d- with

  1. Peter, __________ can compose many pieces of music , sings very well.

a- which b- who c- whom d- whose

  1. The men and animals ____ you saw on TV are from China. a- who b- whom c- which d- that
  2. I saw the boy _______ helped me last week. a- who b- whom c- which d- whose
  3. Soccer is the sport ___________ best.

a- that I like b- what I like c- which I like it d- who I like

39- A: It was our first wedding anniversary yesterday . B: Oh, _____________.

a- no B- yes C- congratulations D- thank you .

40- At the birthday party one celebrates the day when one _____ ( grows up, graduates, was born,

gets married)

41- At midnight on December 31st people _______ the new year.(welcome, greet, occur, enter)

42- _______ she can't drive, she has bought a car. (Even if, If, Although, Because )

43- If you are not satisfied _____ your essay, I suggest that you should rewrite it. ( with, of, to, at)

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