Unit 8 : Celebrations - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

giải giùm nha mn mình cảm ơn

I. Wordform :

1. Tet is the most important _________________ in Viet Nam. (celebrate)

2. Fruit’s festival in Suoi Tien Park is a very _________________ activity. (joy)

3. Look at the _________________ bulbs. They are so beautiful. (color)

4. My _________________ are so strong that the word “love” can’t describe them. (feel)

5. There are a lot of _________________ at tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City. (sightsee)

6. He felt _________________ because he lost the match. (disappoint)

7. She drives _________________, so she has never caused an accident. (care)

8. Teachers now give _________________to their students in classroom activities . (free)

9. One of the most important _________________ for Vietnamese people is Tet or the Lunar New Year holiday. (celebrate)

10. New Year’s Day is a national _________________, so people don’t have to go to work. (festive)

11. The streets are filled with a _________________ atmosphere when Christmas day comes. (joy)

12. Do you usually put up Christmas _________________ in your house? (decorate)

13. _________________, the meat associated with Easter is lamb. (tradition)

14. Passover, the “festival of _________________ freedom”, is celebrated by Jewish people. (free0

15. They often take part in charity _________________ organized by their church. (act)

16. One cause of the American Civil War was the issue of _________________. (slave)

17. The _________________ Easter Parade has become a popular tradition for Easter Sunday in New York City. (color)

18. Emily has made over 25 films in her career. She started _________________ at the age of 14. (act)

19. The campaign against air polution was organized by a famous environmental _________________. (act0

20. Mai used to be an _________________ student. She often took part in many class activities. (act)

21. What homless people need is love, _________________, and help. (kind)

22. He is very _________________ towards his friends. – he always tries to help if one of them has problem. (consider)

23. Bob was _________________. He gave away a _________________ sum of money to charity before he died. (generosity/ consider)

24. After graduation, my _________________ is to earn enough money to support my family. (prior)

25. The actor is an amusing one. TV audiences like his sense of _________________ (humorous)

26. I’m so _________________ of my father. How efficient and considerate he is!(pride)

27. I hardly know him. He is an _________________ of mine. (acquaint)

28. Many _________________ activities take place in different parts of Vietnam at tat. (culture)

29. As a _________________, I find the celebrations for this holiday strange and interesting. (tour)

30. Justine is a _________________ friend. He can keep your secrets from other people. (trust0

31. I’m _________________ with your _________________ for Tet, which aren’t going according to plan. (satisfy/ prepare)

32. Snow in April is an unusual _________________ in this area. (occur)

33. The police took immediate _________________ when they realized the situation was impossible to control. (act)

1 câu trả lời

1. Congratulation! You win the first prize. -____________________________

A. Well done. B. That’s right. C. Thanks so much D. Why!

2. It’s the weather forecast on TV . Can you turn ___________________ the volume ?

A. at B. up C. out D. between

3. Easter is a joyful festival _______________comes in early spring.

A. which B. that is C. where D. when

4. Anna Javis was the woman ____________first thought of Mother’s Day.

A. that B. who she C. she D. whose

5. The teacher is giving his students advice ________________ how to write a good essay.

A. on B. in C. about D. from

6. Passover, A Jewish festival, __________________ freedom from slavery.

A. is celebrated B. celebrate C. celebrates D. celebrating

7. Mid – Fall Festival is a _________ festival for children.

A. joy B. joyful C. joyless D. joyfully

8. We think Mother’s Day should be celebrated _________ .

A. nation B. national C. nationality D. nationwide

9. Whales and dolphins both make sounds ____________in some ways are similar to a language.

A. which B. by which C. who D. whom

10. My grandmother, _________ an intelligent woman, has greatly influenced my life.

A. who B. that C. who is D. that is

11. _________ Easter, many children and adults enjoy painting eggs.

A. On B. At C. During D. In

12. - A: “Happy Birthday! This is for you.” - B: “ ___________________”

A. Oh, thank so much B. Oh, thank you so much C. That’s kind to me D. I am glad you like it.

11. Tet is a time for families to clean and _________ their homes.

A. cover B. decorate C. install D. conserve

12. People __________ live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

A. whose B. who C. whom D. which

13. Passover is a (an) __________spring festival of Jewish.

A. modern B. new C. ancient D. disappointed

14. In my opinion, it’s _______ to have a day to celebrate for Mom and another day for Dad.

A. proud B. worried C. nervous D. necessary

15. People eat a special meal called __________at Passover.

A. Seder B. chocolate C. turkey D. pancake


1. _________________of her work is improving. (Efficient)

2. There are many people _______________ sticky rice cakes at the Town Hall. ( make )

3. Try not to add more ________________ into the environment, we will live healthier. ( pollute )

4. The students participated in the festival _____________________. (joy)

5. She has been ________________________as the president of our company. (nominate)

6. There are many ______________________ throughout the year (celebrate)

7. He wants to ___________________________ his room. (decoration)

8. In spite of being poor, the lady often behaves to everyone ________________( generous)

9. Let me ______________you on being awarded scholarship. . ( congratulation)

10. It’s ____________________that people have spoiled the beach. (disappoint)

11. The man living in my neighborhood gave the charity _____________money. (consider)

12. Passover is _______________________ in Israel and by all Jewish people. (celebration)

13. These kinds of food are ___________ available in supermarket. (free)

14. The campaign against air pollution was organized by a famous environment _____________. (act)

15. _____________________, people eat sticky rice cakes at Tet. ( tradition)

16. She has been ____________ as the president of our company. (nominate)

17. She cried with ____________ when she heard the news. (joy)

18. We often go to the town ___________ house. (culture)

19. They got bored with planting flowers because the chemical was almost totally __________in killing the weeds. (effect)

0 câu trả lời

56) These pictures are beautiful. They have been exhibited in the city gallery. These pictures, ___________________________________.
57) They live in Nam’s house. It is very lovely.
Nam’s house,____________________________________.
58) It seems that the Earth is only the planet. The planet can support life. The Earth, ______________________________________
59) My sister has just married a businessman. She teaches English in Nguyen Du high school. My sister, ______________________________________
60) Despite their poverty, The Browns seemed very happy. Although________________________________________.
61) Her parents made her work hard for the final exam. She____________________________________________.
62) Although she was successful, she felt dissatisfied.
In spite of________________________________________.
63) There was noisy outside. The students kept on studying. Though________________________________________.
64) Although I am fond of music, I can’t play any instruments. Despite________________________________________.
65) Though Mr. Hoang is old. He is still an active man.
In spite of_______________________________________.
66) I had left my bike at the gate. It disappeared.
My bike,________________________________________.
67) The man was injured in the accident. He is now in the hospital. The man______________________________________
68) The man is very proud. His wife is a famous cook.
The man______________________________________
69) The dictionary is a book. It gives you the meanings of words. The dictionary___________________________________
70) The girl has just gone out. Do you know the girl?
 Do___________________________________________?
71) It was cold, but we went swimming. Although______________________________________
72) I went on a holiday with the girl. The girl was very nice. The girl______________________________________
73) Although An was sick. She insisted on going to work.
In spite of______________________________________

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