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Đến từ Phú Yên , Chưa có thông tin
Số lượng câu hỏi 4
Số lượng câu trả lời 481
Điểm GP 144
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Người theo dõi (16)

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Ngố ngây ngô
Mỹ nhân 2k9
Suzanna Dezaki

Câu trả lời:

1.  I _________ born on the first of May.           

          A. were                 B. was                  C. are                    D. is

     2.  The enemy ___________ by night.             

          A. attack               B. attacks             C. attacked           D. did attack

     3.  Mind about what I ___________ just now.  

          A. said                  B. say                   C. did say             D. didn’t say

     4.  Did you ever ___________ of such a thing?

          A. hear                 B. hears                C. heard                D. heart

     5.  He ___________ some eggs to make the cakes.

          A. buys                 B. buy                  C. buied                D. bought

     6.  There ___________ any eggs in the packet when I ___________ the kitchen.

          A. wasn’t/ come    B. weren’t/come   C. wasn’t/came     D. weren’t/ came

     7.  I ___________ an English course to improve all the skills

          A. not joined         B. joined               C. did joined         D. join

     8.  We ___________ to our friend last night.

          A. spoke               B. speak               C. speaked            D. spoken

     9.  We ___________ and ___________ lunch at the cafeteria with them.

          A. talked/ have      B. talked/ had       C. talk/ had           D. talked/ have

     10. ___________ you attend yoga class when I ___________ at home?

          A. Did/ stayed                                   B. Didn’t/ didn’t stayed

          C. Did/ didn’t stayed                          D. Did/ stayed

     11. I ___________ his car to work while he was sleeping.

          A. drive                B. drove               C. driving             D. driven

     12. The man ___________ the door and ___________ pieces of paper.

          A. open/ thrown    B. opened/ threw   C. opened/ thrown D. open/ throw

     13. He ___________ them into a room.

          A. led                    B. lead                  C. leaded              D. leads

     14. He ___________ off his hat and ___________ into the room.   

          A. take/ went        B. take/ go            C. taken/ go          D. took/ went

     15. The meeting ___________ 5 minutes ago.

          A. finished  B. finish      C. did not finish    D. did finish