Unit 1: Greetings - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

1. Odd one out

1. A. Newsreader. B. Film producer. C. Comedian. D. Programme

2. A. Popular. B. Exciting. C. Educational. D. Reporter

3. A. World news. B. Cartoon. C. Documentary. D. Studio

2. Chose the best

1. That TV programme is not only interesting __________ it also teaches children many things about family and friendship

A. How B. When C. Where. D. What

3. Chose true, false or no information.

Television is an important invention of the twentieth century. It has been so popular that now we can't imagine what life would be like if there were no television. Television is a major means of communication. It brings pictures and sounds from around the world into millions of homes. Through television, viewers can see and learn about people, places and things in faraway lands.Television widens our knowledge by introducing to us new ideas which may lead us to new hobbies and recreations. In addition to the news, television provides us with a variety of programs that can satisfy every taste. Most people now seem to like spending their evenings watching TV than to go out.

1. Televition is an important means of communication. (True or False)

2. Television provides us with a 9variety of programs (True or False)

3. Most people don't like watching TV in the evening. (True or False)

4. Television can't satisfy all our tastes. (True or False)

5. People can learn many things through TV. (True or Fales)

Giúp mk vs ai làm đc mình tick cho. <3

@Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Thơ ơi. Vào làm giúp mk vs.

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