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An Sơ Hạ

Chủ đề:

Luyện tập tổng hợp

Câu hỏi:

II. IF- CLAUSE 1. You had trouble at school because you didn’t do your homework.(using IF) 2.  Mel doesn’t ask her teacher so he doesn’t  answer her questions. (inversion of IF_clause) 3. they  do not listen carefully so they can’t hear the woodpecker. (inversion of IF_clause) 4. If I had lain down on the sofa, I would have fallen asleep. (inversion of IF_clause) 5. If you gave the young boy this stick, he’d hurt himself. (inversion of IF_clause) 6. The students didn’t solve the problem because they didn’t use their textbooks. (using IF) 7.  He doesn’t wash his feet more often so his girlfriend doesn’t visit him more often. (inversion of IF_clause) III. RELATIVE CLAUSE 1. The house has been built in the forest. It doesn’t have electricity. (Using WHO/ WHOM/ WHICH) _____________________________________________________________

2. Do you know the man? He is coming towards us. (Reduction of  relative clause) _____________________________________________________________

3. I sent my parents some postcards. They were not so expensive. (Using WHO/ WHOM/ WHICH) _____________________________________________________________

4. I come from a city. The city is located by the sea. (Reduction of  relative clause) _____________________________________________________________

5. The soup was so delicious. I had it for lunch. (Reduction of  relative clause) _____________________________________________________________ 6. The first student has to clean the board.  He comes to class  (Reduction of  relative clause) _____________________________________________________________ 7. The only room  was Mary’s.  It was painted yesterday (Reduction of  relative clause) _____________________________________________________________ 8. She is talking about that  author . His book is one of the best-sellers this year. (Using WHO/ WHOM/ WHICH) _____________________________________________________________ 9. He bought all the books . They are needed for the next exam. (Using WHO/ WHOM/ WHICH)

_____________________________________________________________ 10. Those children are taught well. Their parents are famous teachers (Using WHO/ WHOM/ WHICH) _____________________________________________________________ 11. Do you know the boy? we met him at the party last week?  (Using WHO/ WHOM/ WHICH) _____________________________________________________________ 12.  Was Neil Armstrong the first person? He set foot on the moon  (Reduction of  relative clause) _____________________________________________________________