Thông tin cơ bản

Học tại trường Chưa có thông tin
Đến từ Hà Nội , Chưa có thông tin
Số lượng câu hỏi 31
Số lượng câu trả lời 1107
Điểm GP 30
Điểm SP 784

Người theo dõi (95)

Toyama Kazuha
Võ Bảo Vân
Ran Mouri

Đang theo dõi (26)

Vy Le
An Trần
nguyen thi vang

Dòng thời gian

Câu trả lời:

1. Please don’t smoke in this room. 

Would you mind not smoking in this room

2. Could I turn the air conditioner on? 

Would you mind if I turned the air conditioner on

3. Could I have his telephone number? 

Do you mind If I have his telephone number

4. Can I participate in Y & Y organization? 

Do you mind If I partivipate in Y & Y organization

5. Will you permit me to go to BTS’s concert tonight? 

Would you mind If I went to BTS's concert tonight

6. A thief stole my car last night. 

My car was stolen by a thief last night

7. His friends draw these pictures. 

These pictures are drawn by his friends

8. Nha Tran didn’t win the prize last summer. 

The prize wasn't won by Nha Trang last summer

9. They make shoes in that factory. 

Shoes are made in that factory

10. They also speak German at EU meetings. 

German is also spoken at EU meetings

11. The boy is a millionaire. He is sitting opposite us is a millionaire. 

The boy who is sitting opposite us is a millionaire

12. The man is my uncle. He is standing at the door is my uncle. 

The man who is standing at the door is my uncle

13.The house belongs to Ms Jane. It was built last week. 

The house which was built last week belongs to Ms Jane

14. The street is very wide. It leads to the school is very wide. 

The street which leads to the school is very wide

15. The system is very successful. It was used here. 

The system which was used here is very successful

16. This machine is easy to use. 

It is easy to use this machine

17. Some words are impossible to translate. 

It is impossible to translate some words

18. His parents had an impression on visiting his girlfriend’s house. 

It’s impression to have his parents on visiting his girlfriend's house

19. I’m sure that I can keep my promise. 

I am

20. Japanese is difficult to learn. 

It is difficult to learn Japanese

21. Participating in this organization is not easy for him. 

It is difficult to participate in this organization for him

22. Ngoc and Vy usually reuse those pieces of used paper for drafts. 

Those pieces of used paper are usually reused by Ngoc and Vy

23. Corona Virus stopped us from going to school 2 weeks ago. 

We were stopped from going to school by Corona Virus 2 weeks ago

24. You’d better smoke outside. 

Would you mind somking outside

25. In the library, someone keeps silent to be a polite person. 

It’s silent to be keeps to be a polite person in the library

26. Our school asked all of students to wear medical masks to prevent Corona virus.  All of students were asked to wear medical masks to prevent Corona virus by our school

27. That lantern is very cheap because it is made of paper. 

That lantern which is made of paper is very cheap

28. The girl is my friend. She is riding the red bicycle. 

The girl who is riding the red bicycle is my friend

29. The picture was painted by Leonardo D. Vinci. It is hung over there. 

The picture which is hung over there was painted by Leonardo D.Vinci

30. Keeping personal hygiene is a good way for you. 

It’s good to keep personal hygiene way for you