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Thái Dương
trương khoa

Câu trả lời:

31. He could not afford to buy the car.
      The car was too expensive for him to buy.
32. "Why don't you put your luggage under the seat?" he asked me.
      He suggested me I should put my luggage under the seat.
33. Although he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his job.
In spite having a good salary, he was unhappy in his job.
34. I advise you to put your money in the bank.
      If I were you, I would put my money in the bank.
35. It is not certain that Jones will get the job.
-> It is open to question as to whether Jones will get the job.
36. David started studying Vietnamese in 2018.                
  David has studied Vietnamese since 2018.
37. “Do you live in Can Loc town?”, he asked me.          
    He asked me if I lived in Can Loc town.
38. They will build a new hospital near the river.               
  A new hospital will be built near the river.
39. The fox was unsuccessful in reaching the grapes.      
    The fox tried in vain to reach the grapes.
40: He gave my sister a smart phone on her birthday.
=> My sister was given a smart phone on her birthday.
41: Reading books  is very exciting.
=> It is very exciting to read books.
42 . It isn't nice, so we can't go for a picnic.
=> If it were nice, we could go for a picnic.
43.It was too hot for us to go swimming yesterday
It was so hot that we couldn't go swimming yesterday.
44. They have to work hard everyday
They wish they didn't have to work hard everyday.
45.He works hard .They want to pass the entrance exam next week.
    He works hard so as to pass the entrance exam next week.
46. Please don’t play your music so loudly.
Would you mind not playing your music so loudly?
47. “When does the film start?” said Nam to me.
Nam asked me when the film started.
48. Children shouldn’t swim in this pool because it is too deep.
This pool is not shallow enough for children to swim.
49.It is years since I met her.
I haven’t met her for years.
50 .Could you drive a car when you were a student?
You could drive a car when you were a student, couldn't you?

Câu trả lời: