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Mn giup e vs nha!!!! Tks trc

I. From each number, pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. continent B. depend C. send D. pretend

2. A. says B. prays C. plays D. days

3. A. climate B. pride C. quit D. primary

4. A. invite B. pick C. ticket D. kitchen

5. A. lock B. shock C. block D. program

6. A. bad B. sad C. day D. catch

7. A. greet B. teeth C. deer D. knee

8. A. sign B. high C. sit D. mind

9. A. enough B. laugh C. cough D. plough

10. A. champagne B. check C. cheese D. choose

II. Choose the word or the phrase or sentence that best completes each unfinished sentence below or that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence if it is substituted for the underlined word or phrase.

1. Maryam was really impressed by the ________ of Ha Noi people.

A. beauty B. friendly C. friendliness D. friend

2. Lan used ________ past the mosque on her way to school.

A. walk B. walked C. to walk D. walking

3. I wish you ________ a longer vacation.

A. have B. don't have C. had D. to have

4. Maryam wanted ________ Lan to visit Kuala Lumpur next summer.

A. invite B. to invite C. invited D. inviting

5. Is Ha Noi different ________ Tokyo?

A. to B. from C. of D. between

6. Please to meet you. Let me ________ myself. I'm Minh.

A. introduce B. invite C. to introduce D. introducing

7. The ________ of Viet Nam is about 80 million.

A. area B. climate C. population D. language

8. Buddhism is the official ________ in Viet Nam.

A. region B. religion C. capital D. currency

9. English is a ________ second language in Malaysia.

A. primary B. climate C. national D. compulsory

10. Hoa and Lan ________ shopping yesterday.

A. went B. go C. make D. bought

11. Bao is not a good student. -->He wishes he ________ a good student.

A. was B. is C. weren't D. were

12. Malaysia ________ into two regions: West Malaysia and East Malaysia.

A. divided B. is dividing C. is divided D. divides

13. My pen pal and I are far away from each other, but we always ________

A. keep on B. get on C. keep in touch D. write on

14. Is physical education________ in your school?

A. traditional B. additional C. national D. compulsory

15. Her good behaviors made a deep________ on all the class members.

A. impression B. expression C. kindness D. happiness

16. The________ language of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia.

A. international B. national C. continental D. country

17. It seems difficult for me to have a trip________at present.

A. abroad B. outside C. above D. inside

18. Malaysia is________ into two regions: The East and the West Malaysia.

A. separate B. divided C. parted D. comprised

19. They have________ for nearly two years, but this was their first meeting.

A. worked B. written C. corresponded D. talked

20. A person with whom one becomes friendly by corresponding is a ________

A. writer B. pen-name C. pen-friend D. pen-writer

21. Visitors are welcomed by friendly and hospitable______ of Vietnamese people.

A. attitude B. expression C. impression D. religion

22. They really enjoy the peaceful________ in Vietnam.

A. impression B. atmosphere C. expression D. faces

23. This is a difficult problem. I wish I ________the answer.

A. know B. knew C. had known D. would know

24. I couldn’t come to Mary’s birthday party last night. I wish________ there.

A. I could B. I had come C. I could have come D. came

25. Mr. Poole has lived in Vietnam for many years. He _______the hot climate here.

A. used to B. is used to C. gets used to D. b &c are correct

26. She arrived ________two o’clock________ the morning.

A. at/ on B. in/ in C. at / in D. on/ in

27. I’m worried about my basketball team. I ________they play well.

A. wish B. hope C. want D. ask

28. I wish earned more money, but in fact I ________ .

A. don’t B. did C. earn D. didn’t

29. Sit down everybody. The film is ________to start.

A. ready for B. about to C. coming to D. already

30. We ________her a happy new year.

A. wished B. said C. told D. wanted

31. You can’t smoke in here. It is ________the law.

A. according to B. again C. against D. opposite

32. Brown and yellow hair is fashionable________the moment.

A. in B. at C. over D. on

33. Tan doesn’t know________about sports.

A. nothing B. things C. anything D. something

34. I knew Jane________I was a child.

A. until B. as C. during D. through

35. It’s pouring with rain again! If only I________an umbrella.

A. have B. having C. had had D. had

36. Frenda came to the meeting but Charles didn’t. I wish he________there.

A. did B. were C. had come D. came

37. Miss White is a nurse. She ________working at night.

A. used to B. uses to C. is used to D. has used to

38. Precious metals such as gold, silver________for making jewelries.

A. used to B. are used C. is used D. used

39. You remind me________your uncle. We used to work ________each other.

A. of/ to B. of / with C. with / for D. for/ with

40. Wear a helmet when riding a motorbike. Helmets are used________our heads.

A. to protect B. protect C. protecting D. protected

41. I always read books before bedtime. I ________reading books at night

A. am used for B. used to C. am used to D. was used to

42. You________too fast. That’s why you feel tired.

A. walk B. are walking C. were walking D. walked

43. It’s a pity you didn’t go on a trip with us. We all wish________with us.

A. go B. could go C. went D. had gone

44. ________ did you start playing basketball? –I was 15 years old.

A. Why B. Where C. How D. When

45. We must wait ________ Friday for our final exam results.

A. after B. by C. until D. later

46. He never drinks beer. He ________drinking beer.

A. used B. isn’t used C. used to D. isn’t used for

47. “ Can I smoke is here?” –“ I’d rather you ________.”

A. don’t B. didn’t C. can’t D. couldn’t

48. The house comprises two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.

A. consists of B. gets C. divides D. takes

49. My pen pal lives in the USA. We have _______for year but we haven’t met each other yet.

A. worked B. written C. corresponded D. talked

50. I love this city. The ________of the city impress me a lot.

A. views B. sights C. places D. faces

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