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*Complete the sentences using given words. 
1.How/ he/ feel? .                                                        2.Mai/ feel/ hot/ thirsty. 
3.What color/ his eyes?                                               4.He/ usually/ have/ picnic/ the park. 
5.She/ often/ go/ movies/ free time.                            6.My children/ watch/ TV/ four/ time/ week. 
7. I’d like/ bowl/ noodles/ please.                               8.How many/ kilo/ rice/ she/ need? 
9.Mai/ do/ aerobics/ free time?                                  10.They/ go fishing/ free time. 
11.Which / sport/ Tan/ play?                                      12.What/ Lan/ Mai/ do/ free time? 
*Rearrange the words to make sentences:
1. a/ of/ likes/ orange/ juice/ Mai/ glass.                  2. at/ 7 o’clock/ Ba/ has/ breakfast/ morning/ every.      
3. Mary/ two/ and/ milk/ glasses/ Tom/ of/ want     4. any/ bananas/ but/ some/ I/ have/ I/ don’t/ have/ oranges
5. usually/ on/ do/ Mondays/ you/ to/ go/ school?   6. Lan/ chicken/ or/ like/ does/ meat?                             
7. watches/ free/ Nam/ in/ TV/ his/ time.                 8. does/ brother/ which/ play/ your/ sports                  
9. they/ movies/ often/ does/ how/ to/ go/ do/ the   10. He‘d like/ tube/ a / of/ toothpaste.                            
11. oranges/ his/ does/ want/ how/ mother/ many? 12.often/ she/ go/ does/ how/ cinema/ to/ the?     

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