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EXERCISE I:Write who, that, which, or nothing to complete these sentences : 1.Have you got the money ___________ I lent you yesterday ? 2.Peter, ___________ I had seen earlier, wasn’t at the party. 3.This is the machine ___________ cost half a million pounds. 4.Mary, ___________ had been listening to the conversation, looked angry. 5.Have you read the book ___________ I gave you ? 6.The hous, ___________ they bought three months ago, looks lovely. 7.Mrs.Jackson, ___________ had been very ill, died yesterday. 8.Is this the person ___________ stole your handbag ? 9.The dog, ___________ had been very quiet, suddenly started barking. 10.I didn’t receive the letters ___________ she sent me. 11.My mother, ___________ hadn’t been expecting visitors, looked surprised. 12.The old man, ______ had been talking to them earlier, knew that they were in thebuilding. 13.The horse, _________ had been injured by the flying stones, was very frightened. 14.We didn’t like the secetary ___________ the agency sent. 15.I didn’t find the money ___________ you said you’d left. EXERCISE II :Join each pair of sentences using relative pronouns : 1.Thisis the man. I met him in Paris. => 2.I wanted the painting. You bought it. => 3.This is thechair. My parents gave it to me => 4.She’s the woman. She telephoned the police. => 5.He’s the person. He wanted to buy your house. => 6.We threw out the computer. It never worked properly. => 7.This is the lion. It’s been ill recently. => 8.The man was badly injured. He was driving the car. => 9.The children broke the window. They live in the next street. => 10.That’s the woman. I was tellingyou about her. => EXERCISE III :Combine these pairs of sentences using relative pronouns: 1.There’s the lady. Her dog was killed. => 2.That’s the man. He’s going to buy the company. => 3.He’s the person. His car was stolen. => 4.She’s the new doctor.The doctor’s coming to the hospital next week. => 5.She’s the journalist. Her article was on the front page of The Times. => 6.They’re the people. Their shop burned down last week. => 7.That’s the boy. He’s just got a place at university => Được cập nhật Hôm kia lúc 16:30 4 câu trả lời
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1.Tom wrote this report yesterday.

2.People plant a lot of flowers in Da Lat. 3.Our form teacher holds a class discussion every month. 4.Miss Hoa teaches my sister English. 5.People use milk for making butter and cheese. 6.They have given Tom a present. 7.Does Mr. Green often take them to the cinema on Sundays? 8.Do they hold a meeting every month? 9.The weather has turned all the leaves yellow. 10.Have they asked you several questions?11.People play football all over the world. 12.People speak French and English in Canada .13.She is going to invite him to her birthday party. 14.I don’t like people telling me what to do. 15.No-one can do that work.16.Who wrote it ?17.Did you send her a present yesterday?18.The builders were building the new bridge when we came. 19.He will open the shop tomorrow. 20.A famous writer wrote that book. 21.Jack won’t pay the bill. 22.Someone built this house in 1990. 23.My sister cleans the room everyday.24.A lion killed Mary’s dog last week. 25.Does Tom always do his exercises carefully?26.Her mother doesn’t cook meals in the kitchen. 27.The teacher punished Tom because of his laziness. 28.Did Henry sing English songs beautifully?29.About thirty million people are watching this programme. 30.No-one has ever met him before. 31.People used oil-lamps years ago. 32.When did they open that hospital? 33.No-one has made any comments on that event. 34.What do they call the new hotel?35.We must wash this kind of cloth in warm water only. 36.People consume gas faster than they produce it. 37.Nobody has seen him anywhere this week. 38.Did anyone see you come in? 39.I remember that my father took me to town to see that film. 40.Someone told him he could not take the examination. 41.The hosts gave us a very warm welcome.

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