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Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

1-3 . Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words .

1 . A . primary B . ringgit C . ethnic D . unique

2 . A . sometimes B . visit C . worship D . with

3 . A . cheerful B . machine C . chance D . champion

4 – 13 . Choose the best answer among A , B , C or D that best completes each sentence

4 . Mr . Thanh checked the pipes in the house but he _ _ any cracks .

A . finds B . found C . didn ' t find D . doesn ' t

5 . The teacher suggested that all of us ..... do something for the school fair .

A . might B . will C . should D . had better

6 . What would you do if you away by aliens ?

A . take B.took C . are taken D.were taken

7 . He seemed to be well - qualified his position in the national football team .

| A . in B . by C . for D . of

8 . “ I can ' t find my wallet , Tom . ” “ Don ' t worry . IT help you to"

A . look for B . take care of C . put on D . turn off

9 . The teacher gave his students exercises they could practise doing them at home .

A . because B . so as C. and then D . since

10 . Mr Hùng , . car has been stolen , is riding a bike to work .

A . who B . that C .his D . whose

11 . You never go to school late , ...? A . are you B , aren ' t you C . do you D . don ' t you

12 . “ What ' s Linda doing ? ” “ I ' m not sure . She her homework .

” A . may be doing B . is doing C . must be doing D . must do

| 13 . We caught a bus and it would the place in one hour . A . get B . arrive C . reach D . come

The word theate comes from Greek and literally means "seeing place".The theater has been popular in ancient times. People did not go to the theater simply ta để soi chiếu theo To see an interesting ( 14 ).... because the plays formed part of religious festivals .( 15 )..... early Greek theaters consisted of no more than a flat space with an altar at the foot of a hillside .(16 )...... that time , there were no ( 17 ) _ as there are in modern theaters , so the ( 18 ) .....stood or sat on the slopes of the hillside . Gradually , special theaters were made by building large stone or wooden steps one ( 19 ).... another up the hillside , In later times , a hut was built at the far side of the acting area where it formed a background for the actors ( 20 )...the parts of different characters . Eventually , a ( 21 ) .....platform was built so that the actors could be seen more clearly . This was the first appearance of anything like our moderm stage .

14 . A . scene B . performance C . scenery D . stage

15 . A . Whole B . Complete C . Full D . All

16 . A . In B . For C . At D . On

17 . A . chairs B . benches C . seats D . stools .

18 . A . watchers B . players C . viewers D . audiences

19 . A . among B . between C . around D . behind

20 . A . playing B . making . doing D . being

21 . A . lifted B . raised C . moved D . pulled

22 - 24 . Choose the underlined pan ' t among A , B , C or D that needs correcling .

22 . The flood which was destroyed the village last week has already receded .


23 . My father can ' t cook as better as my mother can .


24 . We are amazing that the people who live in that area have polluted the river


Use correct form of the word given to complete each sentence.

25. Tennis is a....... sport. You must practise all the time and try to win all matches to be a champion. (compete)

26. The medicine works more ............if you take a hot drink after that. (effect)

27. They are too young recognize the danger of drug. (experience)

28. ..... ashis very harmful to people's health. (volcano)

29-32. Read the following passage carefully, then write True (T) or False (F) e blankfor each statement.

April 1st is April Fools' Day. Many people like to play jokes or tricks on this day. Many people like to play jokes or tricks on this e day. The jokes are for fun only. They are not harmful or mean. Sometimes you can simply hear April Fools" Day jokes on the radio or television. Newspapers often have silly ligious stories on April 1st too. Some silly headlines are on the next page. If you believe the tspace jokes on the radio, TV, or in the newspapers, you will be an "April Fool"

Nobody knows where or when April Fools' Day started. Some people believe ere no on the it started in France in the 1500s. Some people think it started long ago in Italy large a hut Other people believe it started in India.

It doesn't matter where or when April Fools' Day began. Americans like it because they can play jokes on friends and relatives.

29. April Fools' Day jokes can be sometimes heard on newspapers

30. Don't believe the jokes on the radio, TV, or in the newspapers or you will be the beca e first an "April Fool"

31. Everyone believe April Fools' Day started in France in the 1500s.

32, Jokes can be played on friends and relatives on April Fools' Day by Americans

33-36. Rewrite the following sentences without changing their meanings.

33.Teachers made the students study hard for the examinations.

The students

34.Her uncle is proud of being a famous conservationist.

Her uncle takes

35. Nam said to Lan, "Would you like to go to my birthday party?"

Nam invited

36. I want to have a new computer, but I don't have enough money.

If I

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I. Choose the best answer

1. A. lose B. move C.stove D.improve

2. A. comment B.comprise C.communicate D.compulsory

3. A.three B.through C.month D.than

II. Choose the best answer

1. “Are we about to have lunch?” “Yes, it… the school canteen”

A. Is serving B.serves C. is being served D.served

2. All uniforms have labels….the school’s name as well as the student’s name

A.bear B.bears C.bearing D. having born

3. He asked me if I…to school by bicycle everyday going B.go C.was going D.went

4. I have worked here…I left college

A. when B. during C.until D. since

5. They turn….the radio to listen to some news

A. down C.on D. over

6. She is very tired, …., she has to finish her homework

A. but B.however C.therefore

7.Is there anyone here… knows where the manager went?

A. which B.that C.whose D.they

8.Have you ever met the man…. Mary’s cousin?

A.who married B. who is married C.whom married D.who was married

9.Everyone must take part in….forests and… forestation

A.protect- increase protect- to increase C.protecting- increase D.protecting-increasing

10.We have to…our environment and keep it from harm before it is too late

A.protest B.protect C.provide D.minimize

III.Choose the best answer

We don’t only choose clothes to make us look(1).., but we also use them to tell the world(2)… our personality. The clothes we wear and our (3)… as a whole give other people useful informatinn about what we think (4)… what we feel. If we fell cheerful, we usually wera colourful clothes and if we feel depressed, we sometime (5)… on dark clothes.But why do teenagers wear black so (6)…? Is it because they feel miserble (7)…? This is unlikely to be the case. It is probably just because it is (8)… to wear black, and young people are real fans of fashion.

1.A.attracting B.attractive C.attractively D. attraction

2.A.of C.about D.from

3.A.appeal B.appealing C.appearing D.appearance

4.A.and B.but D.moreover

5.A.take B.get C.put D.set

6.A.mostly B.frequently C.mainly D.occasionally any way a result C.on a whole D.all the time

8.A.fashionable B.beautiful C.impressive

IV. Choose the wrong error and correct it

1.My younger sister usually spends four hours a day to practise speaking English


2.He speaks English to fluent that we think he is a native speaker


3.I suggest that he will go to the doctor as soon as he returns from school


V. Use the correct form of the word given to complete each sentence

1……are interested in the protection of the forest (conserve)

2.They took a…. trip last Sunday (joy)

3.Travelling to the countryside is becoming…. Popular nowadays (increase)

4. The next stage in the…. Of television is interactive TV (develop)

VI.Read the following passage carefully, then write True or False of each statement

Natural diisasters are extreme. Sudden events cused by environmental factore thst injure people and damage property. There are many kinds of natural disasters:hurrucanes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, windstoems, ect.These disasters may happen anywher on the earth without warnings.A lot of advances in technology have helped to forecast the occirrence of natural disasters,therefore, there has been a decline in the number of deaths as well as financial losses. However, there are still unpredictable disasters that could cause tremendous damage to human bengs. Even when a disaster is accurately forecast, little can be done to reduce its strength. All we can do is to prepare ourselves to stay away from it as far as possible

1.Natural disasters are easy to forecast

2.Natural disasters which are caused by environmental factores can neever injure people and damage property

3.Humans can’t keep natural disasters ubder strict control, but they can get well-prepared and try to forecast as accurately as possible

4.Once a disasterhappens, there will be little to be done ro reduce its strength

VII. Write

1.Lan said,”Why don’t we use energt-saving appliances?”

Lan suggested that energy-saving appliances……

2.They stay in a very luxurious hotel last summer

The hotel……………….

3.Why don’t you use energy-saving bulbs?


4.Don’t stop him doing what he wants


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