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Câu hỏi:


I. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.

1. A. chemistry B. machine C. character D. Christmas

2. A. fields B. flowers C. lemons D. parks

3. wanted B. smiled C. lived D. played

4. A.honey B. donkey C. survey D. money

5. A. stripe B. string C. spring D. trip

II.Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from that of the others.

1.A. competition B. education C. vegetarian D. musicsian

2.A. festival B. resource C. station D. history

3.A. worship B. belong C. enjoy D. behave

4.A. confusion B. companion C. communication D. magician

5.A. minorities B. populated C. activity D. experience


I.Choose the correct option for each gap in the sentences.

1. Tet is an occasion for family ............. in Viet Nam.

A. visiting B. meeting C. reunions D. seeing

2. Saint Giong was unable to talk, smile, or walk…………. he was three years old.

A. If B. because C. while D. even though

3.He …………. cross the street when the traffic light is green for pedestrians.

A. should B. shouldn’t C. ought D. oughtn’t

4. Would you like to go…………… a walk………… the park this afternoon?

A. to -at B. for - at C. to - in D. for- in

5. At school, the teacher and students………….. follow the rules.

A. has to B. have to C. need to D. haven’t to

II. Put the words in brackets into the right form to complete the sentences.

1. I'm so .......... about your trip . It's going to be amazing ( excite )

2. I'd like ........... the Viet Nam Museum of Etthnology this weekend ( visit )

3. While I ............... the performance , I met one of my friends ( watch )

4. When I was a small child I fancied ............... kites in the field (fly )

5. My close friend gave me a .......... present on my birthday . I like it so much ( wonder )

III. Identify a mistake in each sentence and correct it.

1.Vietnam is a multicultural country with 54 ethnic groups

2. We speak English fluent now than last year .

3. We broke with tradition by make sponge cakes for the Mid - Autumn Festival instead of moon cakes .

4. You has to take off your hats when you go to the pagoda.

5. However spring comes , many Vietnamese villages prepare of a new festival season .


I.Read the passage and choose the best option A,B,C,D to complete it.

The Rice - cooking (1) ......... was held in communal house yard about one kilometer a way from (2) .......... There were three (3) ...........: water-fetching, fire- making and rice-cooking. The festival (4)......... one day. In the water-fetching (5) ............ , one person from each team had (6)............ to the river to get the (7) ........... In the fire-making contest two team members had to make a fire in the (8) ........... way. They tried to rub pieces of (9) ................. together to make the fire. Six people from each team (10)....... in the Rice-cooking Festival . They had to separate the rice from the husk and then cook the rice.

1. A. holiday B. contest C. festival D. competition

2. A. mountain B. city C. house D. river

3. A. holidays B. contests C. festivals D. competitions

4. A. takes B. took C. laking D. take

5. A. contest B. contests C. test D. tests

6. A. to run B. run C. ran D. running

7. A. bamboo B. rice C. fire D. water

8. A. strange B. tradition C. traditional D. traditionally

9. A. bamboo B. rice C. fire water

10. A. participate B. participates C. participating D. participated

II. Read the fairy tale Cinderella and do the tasks below.

Once upon a time there was a young girl called Cinderella. Cinderella was living happily with her family when her mother died. Her father married an evil widow with two daughters. Cinderella’s stepmother and two stepsisters mistreated her. She had to wear old clothes and work hard while the sisters wore fancy clothes and had fun. A good witch helped Cinderella. She turned Cinderella’s old dress into a beautiful gown. Cinderella went to a party and a handsome prince politely invited her to dance with him. He fell in love with her and wanted to find out who she was. Cinderella left the party in a hurry and didn’t tell the prince her name. but she left a glass slipper, and the prince used that to find her. They got married and lived happily ever after.

1.Answer true (T) or false (F)

True False

a. Cinderella was living happily with her family when her motherdied.

b. Her father married a kind woman.
c. Her stepmother and two stepsisters were very kind to her.
d. The prince got married to the girl who fitted the left glass slipper.
2. Ansewer the questions.

a. What did Cinderella’s father do when his wife died?

b. How did Cinderella’s stepmother and two stepsisters treat her?

c. Who turned Cinderella’s old clothes into a beautiful gown?

d. What did the prince use to find Cinderella?


I. Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets

1. You are Vietnamese , you shoud know the story of Chung cakes.

If ...........

2. He likes to listen to pop music than to watch TV after school.

He prefers ..............

3. A sports car goes fater than an ordinary car .

An ordinary car .............

II. Make sentences from the words given

1. Last night / they / enjoy / watch / show very much


2. - A : I phoned you aroud 9 p.m last night , but no reply .

-B : Oh / I / do / some Internet research / Vietnamese legends / my project .


III. Write about one of your favourite fairy tales . You can invent your own story .

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