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Câu trả lời:

Part VI- Choose the most suitable answer A, B, C, or D to complete the following passage.(1p)

Air pollution is caused ________(1) ill health in human beings. In a lot of countries, there are ________(2) limiting the amount of smoke factories can produce although there is not enough _______(3) on the effects of smoke on the atmosphere. Doctors have ________(4) that air pollution causes ________ (5) diseases. The gases from the exhausts of cars _______(6) also increased air pollution in most cities. The ________ (7) of petrol produces a poisonous gas, which is often collected in busy streets circled by high buildings.Children _______(8) in areas where there is a lot of lead in the atmosphere can not think as ________(9) as other children, and are clumsy when they _______(10) their hands.

1. A. from B. on C. over D. of

2. A. laws B. ideas C. problems D. regulations

3. A. news B. article C. information D. newspaper

4. A. agreed B. pointed C. disagreed D. proved

5. A. lung B. heart C. liver D. stomach

6. A. had B. have C. has D. having

7. A. water B. lead C. gas D. exhaust

8. A. lived B. live C. to live D. living

9. A. quick B. slowly C. quickly D. slow

10. A. touch B. use C. handle D. collect

PART VII - Read and fill a suitable word in each blanket:(1p)

Christmas is always held on (1) December the twenty fifth every year. Every family in England decorates a Christmas tree and puts it (2) in the middle of the living room. And Santa Claus plays an important role (3) in this festival. There is a poem to relate him. In 1823, the patron saint of children, Saint Nicholas appeared in a poem called(4) A Visit Saint Nicholas. The character in the poem was(5) a fat jolly man who wore a red (6) suit and gave children presents (7) on Christmas Eve. The poem, which was written(8) by Clement Clarke Moore, an American professor, became popular in (9) the USA. Santa Claus is based on(10) the description of Saint Nicholas in this poem.

Part VIII- Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.(1.5p)

1. It is over two years since they left their homeland.

-> They haven't come back their homeland for two years

2. “How many cars are there in front of your house, Mai?” I said

-> I asked Mai how many cars there were in front of her house

3. No one introduced me to newcomers in the festival.

-> I wasn't introduced to newcormers in the festival

4. The food was too bad for the children to eat.

-> The food was so bad that the children couldn't eat it

5. It’s no use persuading her to join in that activity.

-> There is no point in persuading her to join that activity

6. I am on the fifth page of the essay I am typing.

-> So far I've typed four pages of the essay.

7. The dog keeps stealing my socks.

-> The dog is always stealing my socks

8. Hoa found it easy to translate this poem into French.

-> Hoa had no difficulty in translating this poem into French.

9. Collect all of dirty clothes by 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.

-> Let all of dirty clothes be collected by 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.

10. Mary is the most graceful girl at school.

-> No girl at school is as graceful as Mary is.

Câu trả lời:

IX. Put the verbs into correct tense to finish the following passage The Tiger won the Gold Cup last week. They (1. play) played fewer matches than the Lions or the Leopards, but they (score) scored more points. In fact, the Tigers (3.lose) lost only five matches during the reason. The Zebras (4.beat) beat the Lions and (5.take) took second place. They (6. score) scored 30 points from 22 matches. The Zebras (7.have) had a very strong team. They (8. win) won a lot of matches and but not many teams (9. beat) beat them. The Pandas (10. be) was at the bottom of the league.They lost most of their matches this season.

X. Choose A, B, or C to fill in the passage. Most children love (1)………… activities. They play football, go skateboarding or go (2)……. in countries with snow like (3)………. children go to the mountains with their parents to go skiing. They can make a (4)………. in the playground in front of their house. When the weather is bad, they can stay at home and watch interesting (5)……… on TV.

1. A. outdoor B. indoor C. school D. at home

2. A. tennis B. swimming C. karate D. judo

3. A. Sweden B. Paris C. Bangkok D. England

4. A. snowman B. postman C. sportsman D. swimmer

5. A. channels B. viewers C. programmes D.weatherman

XI. Read and complete . Use the worlds in the box:

(1)Her (2) often (3) from (4) favorite (5) French (6) likes

I have two friends. They are Mary and Paul. Mary is (1) from England. She is English. Paul is from France. He is (2) French . They are both eleven. Mary (3) likes studying mathematics. She often listen to music in (4) her free time. Paul likes studying English. He does not like listening to music. He (5) often plays sports in his free time. His (6) favorite sport is football.