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Xin chào Hương Giang nhé, hehe

1. I have painted since 2001.

2. My son promised that he would take out the rubbish that night.

3. She has known John for three years.

4. How much does this disc cost?

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Huyen Nhu
Huyen Nhu 3 giờ trước (14:36)

Giúp mk vs ạ

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Xin chào Trần Thành Long, vui

We don't live in the country  => thay a thành the với nghĩa của cụm từ "the country" là "nông thôn''.

The bank doesn't close until 4:30  => vì đã có trợ động từ does trong cấu trúc phủ định rồi nên động từ close theo sau sẽ không cần chia bạn nhé!


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Thu Hồng
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1. road/ short/ enough/ us/ have/ walk.

The road is short enough for us to have a walk.

2. I/ not see/ James/ since/ we/ leave/ school

I have not seen James since we left school.

3. Alexander Graham Bell/ bear/ Scotland/ March 3 rd 1847

Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland on March 3rd 1847.

4. My uncle/ often/ spend/ spare time/ do volunteer work/ local orphanage.

My uncle often spends spare time doing volunteer work at local orphanage.

5. you/ mind/ open/ window?

Would you mind open the window?

6. Language learners/ try/ different/ ways/ learn/ words/ so as/ find out/ best way/ themselves/.

Language learners try different ways to learn words so as to find out the best way for themselves.

7. I/ prefer/ live/ country/ live/ city

I prefer living in the country to living in the city.

8. We/ going/ plant/ flowers/parks/ water/ afternoon/ class/.

We are going to plant flowers in the parks and water them after the afternoon class.


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Quang Nhân
Quang Nhân 4 giờ trước (13:37)

1. Air travel is faster than any other kinds of transport.

2. What can we do to prevent people from throwing drink cans away?

3. Try to learn the meaning of new words by heart . 

4. The meeting had been delayed but luckily I arrived late.

5. The canoe overturned and everyone fell into the deep and dangerous

6. Where in San Francisco did Mrs. Quyen see the famous prison?

7. I would like you to meet my parents and my sister.

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🍀🧡_Trang_🧡🍀 CTV 12 giờ trước (5:45)

Today, traffic jams and traffic accidents are very big problems in our country. So what should we do to reduce traffic jams and traffic accidents?

There are many following reasons of traffic jams. First, the roads are very narrow. There are too many cars and motorbikes. Second, people don't obey traffic rules. So, what are the solutions to improve traffic jams? First, they have to widen the roads. Second, ask people to obey traffic rules, such as: stop when the lights red, go when the lights green. There are lots of traffic accidents because of many reasons. First, people drive fast or carelessly. It is very easy to have accidents. Second, people don't obey the traffic rules. Third, they don't wear helmets. So, what is the solutions for this problem? First, they should drive or ride more carefully. Second, people should obey traffic rules and always wear helmets when they drive cars.

In sum, you should wear helmet, drive carefully and obey the traffic rules to reduce traffic jams and traffic accidents.

#Tham khảo nhé!

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🍀🧡_Trang_🧡🍀 CTV 13 giờ trước (5:03)

I have always wanted to visit Paris, ............... of France

A. the capital           B. which the capital is     C. that is the capital      D. is the capital

He asked me to .............. these instructions exactly.

A. put out        B. take up        C. carry out           D. turn up

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Hàn Minh Tuấn
Hàn Minh Tuấn 12 giờ trước (5:36)



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