Review 3 (Units 7- 8- 9)

Nguyễn Ngọc Quỳnh Trang


Unit 7: Traffic

1. How do you go to school?

2. How far is it from your house to school?

3. Where should you cross the street?

4. Should you drive after drinking alcohol? Why and why not?

Unit 8: Fimls

1. What is the best film you are seen recently?

2. What kind of fiml is it?

3. Who does it star?

4. What is it about?

Unit 9: Festivals around the world

1. Which festival do you like?

2. Where is the festival held?

3. When do people celebrated it?

4. What people do?

Unit 10: Sources of energy

1. How many types of energy are there? What are they?

2. What types of energy sources does Vietnam ues most?

3. What types of energy sources will be used in the future?

4. Tell me some disadvantages of hydro and nuclear power?

Unit 11: Travelling in the future.

1. Tell me some means of transport will be used in the future?

2. Which means of transport would you like most? Why?

3. Where can you use it?

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Nguyễn Hoàng Bảo Ngân 23 tháng 6 2020 lúc 14:35

Unit 7 :

1. I usually go to school on my mom's scooter .

2. It's about 1 km from my house to school.

3. My school is right on the street front so I don't have to cross the street .

Unit 8:

1.The best film I am seen recently is " Harry Potter and the Sorcerer 's stone "

2.It is a fiction film

3. Daniel Radcliffe stared in the film

4. It's about a group of 3 friends who are studying in Hogwarts school and their adventure of beating the evil magic

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