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I. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word in capital letters. In some cases you may have to make a negative form by using the prefix dis-, in-, or un- 1. HONEST a. It was very __________ of him to steal that money .b. I _________ think that this is the best thing to do .c. They praised her for her ___________. 2. IDENTIFY a. Have you got some kind of _____________ on you? b. UFO means ____________ Flying Object. 3. IMAGINE a. They said my illness was __________. Don’t they realize I’m in a lot of pain? b. He hasn’t got the ___________ to think up such a clever plan .4. INDUSTRY a. I’m afraid ___________ relations aren’t very good in this company .b. She was a much less _________ student than her sister .c. He’s a leading __________, with factories all over the country.d. In the past few years this area has become heavily _____________. 5MANAGE a. The __________ said he wouldn’t change the radio without a receipt .b. They are taking over the ________ of the company next week .c. Only the __________ Director can make that decision.d. She’s got a job as the _____________ of a dress shop. 6. NATION a. If he isn’t Spanish, what ___________ is he? b. The coal industry was originally private but was _________in the 1940’s c. There is no _________ service in the United Kingdom .7. OBSERVE a. It was very ___________ of you to notice that. b. This _____________ houses the largest telescope in the country. c. He’s under _____________ all the time. 8. SATISFY a. He couldn’t give a ___________ explanation for his actions .b. I get no ____________ from doing this .c. I’m afraid I was very ________with the travel arrangements. 9. SCIENCE a. She’s a top ________ working on our space project .b. There is no _________ explanation for what happened. c. The connection hasn’t been _________ proved yet 10. SHORT a. Mrs. Bailey will be with you ___________ b. I had to __________ my speech as we had started late .c. There is a _________ of carrots because of the bad weather.11. VARYa. The temperature is very ________ at this time of the year. b. Do you like this new ___________ of apple? c. There are ___________ desserts to choose from. 12. CONVENIENCE a. I’m afraid it won’t be _____________ for me to see you tomorrow .b. The house is ____________ situate near the centre of town. c. This is very _________! Can’t you practice your violin somewhere else? 13. CREATE a. I would like to show you my latest ________, which I have called ‘Boats on a Lake’ .b. The chameleon is a very strange _____________. c. Conan Doyle was famous as the ________ of the great detective, Sherlock Holmes. 14. CRITIC a. Why does everybody __________ him all the time? b. After so much ____________ he felt he had to resign .c. They were very ______________ of his efforts to improve services. 15. DECIDE a. They’re going to announce their _________ tomorrow b. He’s so ___________! He just can’t make up his mind! 16. DECORATE a. The __________ said he would charge me $ 1,000 a room. b. During the festival _________ were hanging from every tree .17. DEMONSTRATE a. The _______ all sat down in the middle of the road. b. He offered to give me a _____________ of how the machine worked .18. DEPEND a. We are _________ on other countries for most of our food .b. Every year we celebrate our _________. 19. DICTATE a. The boss wants you to take some _____________ .b. He acted in an extremely ________ manner, which made him very unpopular. 20. DIRECT a. Are you sure we’re going in the right __________? b. She looked _________ at me as she said it. c. I had to look up number in telephone _______________. d Hitchcock is one of my favorite film. 21. ECONOMY a. My new car is more ______ than the one I had before. b. She studied __________ at university .c. On my salary we have to live as _________ as possible.d. If we don’t ________ on electricity, there will be power cuts. 22. ELECTRIC a. He works as an __________ for a local firm. b. The price of ___________ has gone up again. c. The fire was caused by an __________ fault in the television .d. He is an _________ engineer. 23. EMPLOY a. Last December the boss gave all his __________ a bonus. b. I’ve been ___________ since June. I must find work soon .c. Her _________ was so angry at her attitude that he fired her .d. He hoped the __________ agency would find him a job. 24. ENTHUSIASM a. They all cheered __________ as their team came out. b. I’m afraid they weren’t very ________ about your idea of going out this evening. 25. ACT a. We must take _________ before things get worse. b. There are a lot of _________ outside the stadium. c. Don’t worry about the volcano. It’s been __________ for years .d. She said she wanted to be television _____________ .26. ADD a. Are all those ___________ they put in food really necessary? b. In _______ to doing the cleaning, I make the coffee.

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REVISION 19 WEEK 8 GRADE 7 I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others 1. A. Monday B. brother C. other D. closer 2. A. break B. read C. speak D. teach 3. A. show B. ago C. go D. wonderful 4. A. cheap B. teacher C. school D. watching 5. A. nothing B. among C. potato D. other 6. A. about B. surround C. country D. counting 7. A. brother B. come C. someone D. volleyball 8. A. student B. judo C. uniform D. computer 9. A. day B. plane C. lake D. tall 10. A. month B. come C. mother D. open II. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences 11. The ________ of the Rio Carnival is the Samba Parade. A. performance B. importance C. best D. highlight 12. A lot of dancers go to Rio de Janeiro to ________ the Rio Carnival. A. attend B. play C. follow D. take 13. He forgot to give a ________ before he turned left and got a ticket. A. signal B. sign C. hand D. light 14. ________ do people do at Burning Festival? A. How B. What C. Which D. Why 15. Which do you think are ________ festivals? A. music B. season C. artistic D. harvester 16. I was ________ to learn that the director of that gripping film has won the first prize. A. interest B. interested C. interests D. interesting III. Use the correct form of the word in the brackets to complete the sentences 17. What forms of ________ do you participate in during the festival? (entertain) 18. Vietnam’s New Year is ________ according to the Lunar calendar. (celebrate) 19. Do you easily get ________? (embarrass) 20. I don’t think it is good for young kids to see ________ on TV. (violent) 21. Are you ________ in football? (interest) 22. The Chinese New Year marks the ________ of spring and the start of Lunar New Year. (begin) 23. There were lively New Year ________ all over the town. (celebrate) 24. Her eyes were wide with ________ lights and red banners. (excite) 25. Dracula is the best ________ film I’ve ever seen. (impress) 26. It is ________ in America to eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. (tradition) IV. Read the following text and choose the best answer for the questions below. Vietnamese food culture varies by regions from the North to the South. In Northern Vietnam, food is characterized by light and balanced. Northern Vietnam is seen to be the cradle of Vietnamese cuisine with many notable dishes like Pho, Bun Rieu, Bun Thang, Bun Cha, Banh Cuon, etc. Then, food culture in Northern Vietnam became popular in Central and Southern Vietnam with suitable flavors in each regions. The regional cuisine of Central Vietnam is famous for its spicy food. Hue cuisine is typical Central Vietnam’s food culture. Food in the region is often used with chili peppers and shrimp sauces, namely, Bun Bo Hue, BanhKhoai, BanhBeo, etc. In Southern Vietnam, the warm weather and fertile soil create an ideal condition for planting a variety of fruit, vegetables and livestock. Thus, food in the region is often added with garlic, shallots and fresh herbs. Particularly, Southerners are favored of sugar; they add sugar in almost dishes. Some signature dishes from Southern Vietnam include BanhKhot and Bun Mam. 27. It is considered that Vietnamese cuisine ________. A. always combines taste and colour B. originated from the North C. became more and more popular D. can be found only in Northern Vietnam 28. What are the features of Northern Vietnamese food? A. It’s sweet and sour. B. It’s a bit fatty and salty. C. It’s light and balanced. D. It's delicious and healthy. 29. Hue cuisine is notable for its ________. A. bitter taste B. colorful food C. light flavor D. spicy taste 30. In Southern Vietnam, ________. A. the warm weather makes it hard to plant fruit and vegetables B. sugar is often added to dishes C. people love sweet food D. fresh herbs are always used in cooking V. Choose the correct sentence among A, B, C or D which has the same meaning as the given one 31. He kept on working though he was ill. A. In spite of was ill, he kept on working. B. Although illness, he kept on working. C. Despite his illness, he kept on working. D. In spite of being illness, he kept on working. 32. In spite of heavy rain, my brother went to work. A. In spite it rained heavily, my brother went to work. B. Although it rained heavily, my brother went to work. C. Although of heavy rain, my brother went to work. D. Despite it rained heavily, my brother went to work. 33. He is very rich, but he isn’t very happy. A. Although he is very rich, he isn’t very happy. B. Because he is very rich, but he isn’t very happy. C. Although he is very rich, but he isn’t very happy.D. Although he isn’t very rich, but he is very happy. 34. That's the man. I told you about him yesterday. A. That's the man about that I told you yesterday. C. That's the man I told you yesterday. B. That's the man about whom I told you yesterday. D. That's the man whom I told you yesterday. 35. The children laughed a lot because of the funny story. A. The children laughed because of the story funny. C. The children laughed because the story is funny. B. The children laughed because it was funny. D. The children laughed because the story was funny. 36. The people watched the game. None of them will ever forget it. A. Nobody who watched the game will forget it. B. None of the people that watched the game will ever forget it. C. Nobody that watched the game will ever forget it. D. The people watched the game none of whom will ever forget it. 37. When I was a young girl, chocolate was one of my favourites. A. When very young, I like eating chocolate cakes. B. Being a little girl, I like chocolate. C. Chocolate used to be a favorite of mine when I was a young girl. D. My favourite was chocolate as was a little girl. 38. Even though it was raining heavily, the explorers decided to continue their journey. A. If it had rained heavily, the explorers would not have continued their journey. B. The heavy rain could not prevent the explorers from continuing their journey. C. It rained so heavily that the explorers could not continue their journey. D. The explorers put off their journey due to the heavy rain. 39. This year will be difficult for this organization because ________. A. it has less money and fewer volunteers than it had last year B. they have less money and volunteers than they had last year C. the last year it did not have as few and little volunteers and money D. there are fewer money and volunteers that in the last year there were 40. The girl just said hello. She is Tom's youngest sister. A. The girl saying hello is Tom's youngest sister. B. The girl just said hello is Tom's youngest sister. C. The girl, who just said hello, is Tom's youngest sister. D. The girl who just said hello is Tom's youngest sister.
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VIII. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it. a) It was so late that nothing could be done It was too late t….o do anything/ late for anything to is done b) I asked the hotel porter to wake me at 8 o’clock the following morning. “Please (can/ could/would you) wake me at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning,” I said to the hotel porter. c) They’ll have to change the date of the meeting again. The date of the meeting will have to be changed again d) The garage is going to repair the car for us next week. We are going to have/ get the car repaired e) The bus takes longer than the train. The train doesn’t take as long as the bus /takes shorter time than the bus f) John has not had his hair cut for over six months. It is over six months since John had/ got his hair cut g) My husband didn’t leave the car keys, so I couldn’t pick him up at the station. If my wishes (that) she had been put / they had put her in a higher class h) Would you like me to finish the work tonight I’ll finish the work tonight if you like/you want me to

i) You may get hungry on the train, so take some sandwiches. In case you get hungry, you’d better/ should/ ought to take some sandwiches. IX. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets. 1. I was very _______________ in the lesson because our teacher is very _______________ in history. (interest) 2. My friend is a very _______________ sort of person but he hates doing _______________ activities. (relax) 3. Studying for exams is very _______________ I get _______________ when I open my school books. (tire) 4. We were all very _______________ about the school trip but it wasn’t an _______________ trip at all. (excite) 5. It’s a _______________ book and I’m _______________ every time I start reading it (bore)

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I. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets


I. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets

1.She ( write ) a number of famous novels. She ( begin) her career 15 years ago.

2.Mai (think) of going to the university, but she ( not decide) yet.

3. while Hoa(wash) the clothes, the alarm clock rang.

4. What (happen) in the bank when you entered?

5. The last time I ( see ) him in public, he ( wear ) a grey shirt.

6. I (see) many plays at the theater this month.

7.Hoa (already finish) her homework.

8.John (do) the test again at the moment because he (not pass) it the first time.

9. Where are the children? – They (skip) rope behind the house.

10. Huyen (teach) me how to cook since last week.

II. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

1. Let’s ask/to ask/asking him a question.

2. Minh was tired. However/Therefore/Although, he had to stay in bed

3. The river is deep too/ so/ enough for ships to sail up to the port.

4. The boy was doing/ has done/ did his homework between 8 and 9 o’clock last night.

5. They look healthy/ most healthy/ healthier after their holiday.

6. Do you like make/making/made friends with them?

7. Could I have any/ some/ little sugar in my tea, please ?

8. They (go/went/have gone) fishing in the lake recently.

9. He waited/ was waiting/ has waited for many times since last week.

10.Mai has written/ writes/wrote the book when he was sixty.

III. Rewrite the following sentences in such a way that its meaning stays the same

2. That girl isn’t as good at Math as her brother. (That girl’s brother is)

5. “Don’t drive too fast on this road, Mr. Oath.” I said. (I asked)

IV. Fill in each blank with a suitable word to complete the passage.

During the year ...(1) in England try their best to study at ... (2) and help their mother with the ....(3). They have no lesson .... (4) Christmas Day. They stay at home to help their parents decorate the .... (5) and the Christmas tree. Before bedtime on Christmas Eve , they ... (6) their stocking at the feet of their beds. ... (7) Christmas will bring them presents during the night. On Christmas Day they go to .... (8) in the morning then they have a special ...(9) with turkey and Christmas cakes. After that they ... (10) some game in the afternoon.

V. Complete the sentences:

2. I /humorous/than/Nga.

3. Mai/want/talk directly/singer/she/admire.

I/ think/they/discuss/us/that project.


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