Câu hỏi của THẢO NGUYÊN - Tiếng Anh lớp 7

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

I. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word in capital letters. In some cases you may have to make a negative form by using the prefix dis-, in-, or un- 1. HONEST a. It was very __________ of him to steal that money .b. I _________ think that this is the best thing to do .c. They praised her for her ___________. 2. IDENTIFY a. Have you got some kind of _____________ on you? b. UFO means ____________ Flying Object. 3. IMAGINE a. They said my illness was __________. Don’t they realize I’m in a lot of pain? b. He hasn’t got the ___________ to think up such a clever plan .4. INDUSTRY a. I’m afraid ___________ relations aren’t very good in this company .b. She was a much less _________ student than her sister .c. He’s a leading __________, with factories all over the country.d. In the past few years this area has become heavily _____________. 5MANAGE a. The __________ said he wouldn’t change the radio without a receipt .b. They are taking over the ________ of the company next week .c. Only the __________ Director can make that decision.d. She’s got a job as the _____________ of a dress shop. 6. NATION a. If he isn’t Spanish, what ___________ is he? b. The coal industry was originally private but was _________in the 1940’s c. There is no _________ service in the United Kingdom .7. OBSERVE a. It was very ___________ of you to notice that. b. This _____________ houses the largest telescope in the country. c. He’s under _____________ all the time. 8. SATISFY a. He couldn’t give a ___________ explanation for his actions .b. I get no ____________ from doing this .c. I’m afraid I was very ________with the travel arrangements. 9. SCIENCE a. She’s a top ________ working on our space project .b. There is no _________ explanation for what happened. c. The connection hasn’t been _________ proved yet 10. SHORT a. Mrs. Bailey will be with you ___________ b. I had to __________ my speech as we had started late .c. There is a _________ of carrots because of the bad weather.11. VARYa. The temperature is very ________ at this time of the year. b. Do you like this new ___________ of apple? c. There are ___________ desserts to choose from. 12. CONVENIENCE a. I’m afraid it won’t be _____________ for me to see you tomorrow .b. The house is ____________ situate near the centre of town. c. This is very _________! Can’t you practice your violin somewhere else? 13. CREATE a. I would like to show you my latest ________, which I have called ‘Boats on a Lake’ .b. The chameleon is a very strange _____________. c. Conan Doyle was famous as the ________ of the great detective, Sherlock Holmes. 14. CRITIC a. Why does everybody __________ him all the time? b. After so much ____________ he felt he had to resign .c. They were very ______________ of his efforts to improve services. 15. DECIDE a. They’re going to announce their _________ tomorrow b. He’s so ___________! He just can’t make up his mind! 16. DECORATE a. The __________ said he would charge me $ 1,000 a room. b. During the festival _________ were hanging from every tree .17. DEMONSTRATE a. The _______ all sat down in the middle of the road. b. He offered to give me a _____________ of how the machine worked .18. DEPEND a. We are _________ on other countries for most of our food .b. Every year we celebrate our _________. 19. DICTATE a. The boss wants you to take some _____________ .b. He acted in an extremely ________ manner, which made him very unpopular. 20. DIRECT a. Are you sure we’re going in the right __________? b. She looked _________ at me as she said it. c. I had to look up number in telephone _______________. d Hitchcock is one of my favorite film. 21. ECONOMY a. My new car is more ______ than the one I had before. b. She studied __________ at university .c. On my salary we have to live as _________ as possible.d. If we don’t ________ on electricity, there will be power cuts. 22. ELECTRIC a. He works as an __________ for a local firm. b. The price of ___________ has gone up again. c. The fire was caused by an __________ fault in the television .d. He is an _________ engineer. 23. EMPLOY a. Last December the boss gave all his __________ a bonus. b. I’ve been ___________ since June. I must find work soon .c. Her _________ was so angry at her attitude that he fired her .d. He hoped the __________ agency would find him a job. 24. ENTHUSIASM a. They all cheered __________ as their team came out. b. I’m afraid they weren’t very ________ about your idea of going out this evening. 25. ACT a. We must take _________ before things get worse. b. There are a lot of _________ outside the stadium. c. Don’t worry about the volcano. It’s been __________ for years .d. She said she wanted to be television _____________ .26. ADD a. Are all those ___________ they put in food really necessary? b. In _______ to doing the cleaning, I make the coffee.

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