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Tân Minh

write relative clauses without using the relative pronoun

i gave you a book. it had many pictures

the book..............................................................

i am reading a book at the moment. it is very interesting

the book..............................................................

Minh Nguyệt
Minh Nguyệt 23 tháng 7 2020 lúc 20:46

1. The book that I gave you had many pictures

2. The book that I am reading at the moment is very interesting

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Linh trang
4 giờ trước (16:43)

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Sử dụng relative clause ạ

1. Here are the letters. They amved this

2. He was sitting in the cmergency room. It was very crowded

3 Thats the house. I was born in it

4. That's the dictionary Bill gave it to me for Christmas.

5. The children went to New York. They speak English.

6. I met Arthur Jones His book on sports sells very well

7. Steve and Lynn are Americans. They own the little restaurant on Bndge Street

8. Their story sounds incrediblc. It is true

9. Those are the ears. They only take unleaded petrol.

10. Do you like the people? Sarah invited then to her party

II. The man was sick He looked very pale.

12. The doctor asked him to lie down. She looked very womed

13. Who was that man? I saw you with that man in the restaurant. (pre pronoun)

14. The wall is dirty You are leaning against it. (pre pronoun)

I5. Dr. Rowan has had to do all his own typing His secretary resigned two weeks ago

16. Harry is an engineer. His wife has just given birth to twins

17. This is my friend I was spcaking of him

18. Tom bad been driving all day. He was tired and wanted to stop

19. We praised John. His performance was remarkable.

20. I'm going to visit Brazil. I don't know anything at all about it (pre pronoun)

21. My uncle Tom will be arriving tomorrow. You've heard so much about him. (prespronoun)

22. history of the town will be published soon Pcople know nothing about it (pre pronoun)

23. The architect designed these flats. He has moved to HCM City

24. Do you know the music? It is being played on the radio.

25. One of the elephants had only one tusk. We saw these clephants at the zoo

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