Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Hỏi đáp

II. Pick out the word whose stress is placed differently from the others in each group. Identify your answer by writing the corresponding letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

1. A. collect B. advise C. practise D. prepare

2. A. Improvement B. resident C. department D. environment

3. A. university B. documental C. historic D. electricity

4. A. graduation B. agricultural C. industrial D. recommend

5. A. intelligent B. difficult C. interesting D. hospital


I. Choose from the four options given (marked A, B, C and D) one best answer to complete each sentence. Identify your answer by writing the corresponding letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

1. Faraday attended a lecture ___________ by a famous scientist.
A. giving B. gave C. given D. to give

2. We couldn’t help___________ when he told us what had happened.
A. laugh B. to laugh C. to be laughing D. laughing

3. “___________ bad weather we are having this summer!” said the woman.
A. What a B. How C. What D. How this

4. I understand most of this, _________ there are still one or two points I would like you to clear up for me.
A. however B. but C. therefore D. so

5. Could you buy me a copy of the newspaper___________ your way to work?
A. for B. by C. along D. on

6. The car was easy to recognize so it wasn’t ___________ difficult for the police to catch the thieves.
A. much B. many C. too D. such

7. I was so tired that I ___________ asleep in the chair.
A. got B. went C. felt D. fell

8. This is Mr. White ___________ invention has helped hundreds of disabled people.
A. who B. which C. that D. whose

9. I need some help with the table. ___________ you lift the other end, please?
A. May B. Should C. Could D. Shall

10. She used to___________ her living by delivering vegetables to local hotels.
A. earn B. to earn C. earning D. earns

II. Each sentence below has four underlined words or phrases marked A, B, C, D. Circle one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. Identify your answer by writing the corresponding letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

1. People think computers never do any mistakes, but in fact, they do.

2. Going to the cinema is an enjoyable way relaxing at weekend.

3. Since Mai looks a bit pale these days, I think she should have taken up some exercises.

4. He appears being a perfect man but in fact, he is very rude to his wife.

5. The youth nowadays prefer pop music than traditional music.

III. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets. Write your answer on your answer sheet.

1. She had never been greatly concerned about her ___________ (APPEAR)

2. The _____________ of people interviewed prefer TV to radio. (MAJOR)

3. I'm afraid I was very___________ with the travel arrangements. (satisfy)

4. Even the most ___________ person ought to appreciate the beauty of this music. (sense)

5. If she can make up such stories, she is certainly a very ___________girl. (imagine)


I. Read the following passage then choose the best answer from the four options (marked A, B, C and D) to complete the numbered blanksin the passage. Identify your answers by writing the corresponding letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

Christmas is a Christian holiday. It commemorates the __________ (1) of Jesus Christ more than 2,000 years ago. Christian churches hold ___________(2) services to celebrate Christmas ______(3) midnight on Christmas ____________(4), most churches hold special candlelight services. But Christmas is also a social and family____________(5). It is a festival of goodwill, a
time____________ (6) family, friends, food, and gift-giving. Many Americans share Christmas cookies, decorate their home, and place presents ____________(7) the family Christmas tree. Children often hang up stockings for Santa Claus to fill _________(8) small gifts. __________ (9) tradition, Santa comes on a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Presents are ____________(10) opened on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

1. A. day B. birth C. God D. father

2. A. Religious B. religion C. region D. regional

3. A. On B. in C. under D. at

4. A. Morning B. afternoon C. evening D. Eve

5. A. Christmas B. holiday C. weekend D. day

6. A. Of B. to C. for D. on

7. A. on B. under C. beside D. in

8. A. With B. in C. of D. on

9. A. Despite B. Because of C. According to D. But

10. A. Never B. rarely C. sometimes D. usually

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