Nguyễn Thùy Chi

Xác định những từ in đậm sau là danh động từ (Gerund) hay là phân từ hiện tại (present participle). Viết G (nếu là danh động từ) và p (nếu là phân từ hiện tại).

1. I think you should start practising now! _____

2. Listening to music after work helps me relax my mind _____

3. It's a waste of time playing computer games______

4. There are some people waiting to see you, Sir. _____

5. She thought of what he had said, smiling happily _____

6. My mother is in the sitting room______

7. The girl next door is playing the piano at the moment______

8. The thing I like best, chatting with friends, always makes me relaxed _____

9. The man driving the red car is my husband _____

10. My sister said she was bored with doing the same things every day _____

11. The book is so interesting that I can't put it down _____

12. Feeling so hungry, I went down to the kitchen to find anything to eat_____

13. When he was walking on the pavement, he ran into me_____

14. The missing child was last seen plauing near the river_____

15. I found a coin Iying on the sidewalk _____

Anh Thư Bùi
4 tháng 11 lúc 23:07

1 G

2 G

3 G

4 P

5 P

6 G

7 P

8 G

9 G

10 G

11 P

12 P

13 P

14 P

15 G

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