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1. Where’s “Tom? - He (listen) ______________ to a new CD in his room.

2. Don’t forget to take your umbrella with you to London. You know it always(rain) ______________ in England.

3. Jean (work) ____________ hard all day but she (not work) ____________ atthe moment.

4. Look! That boy (run)____________ after the bus.He (want) ___________ to catch it.

5. He (speak) ___________ German so well because he (come) __________ from Germany.

6. Shh! The boss (come) ______________ . We (meet) ______________ him in an hour and nothing is ready!

7. (you/ usually/ go) ___________ away for Christmas or you (stay) ___________ at home?

8. She (hold) ______________ some roses. They (smell) ______________ lovely.

9. Oh no! Look! It (snow) __________ again.It always (snow) __________ in this country.

10. Mary (swim) ______________ very well,but she (not run) ______________ very fast.

Cái Ngọc Thùy Phương
Cái Ngọc Thùy Phương 21 tháng 3 2020 lúc 10:40

1. is listening

2. rains

3. works / isn't working

4. is running / want

5. speaks / comes

6. is coming/ is meeting

7. you usually go/ will stay

8. held/ smelt

9. is snowing / snows

10. swims/ doesn't run

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buồn tẻ
buồn tẻ 9 tháng 11 2020 lúc 14:18

1. is listening


3.Works / isn't working running / want

5.speaks /comes coming / is meeting usuallygo 

8.held/ smelt snowwing/ snow


mình cùng chung ý kiến với bn kia 

chúc bn học tốt : )))

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Lâm Đang Đi Học
Lâm Đang Đi Học 18 tháng 12 2020 lúc 16:57



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Quang Hồ
Quang Hồ 1 tháng 1 lúc 20:43

1. is listening 2. rains 3. works / isn't working 4. is running / want 5. speaks / comes 6. is coming/ is meeting 7. you usually go/ will stay 8. held/ smelt 9. is snowing / snows 10. swims/ doesn't ru


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Hi Ếu

I) Put the correct form of the verb

1. He(read).... that novel many times before.

2. However,I (have) trouble with my car since then

3.I (not see)... John for a long time. I (see).... him 3 weeks ago.

4. The school bell (ring)..... We must go now

5. I (meet) Mary last night. She (become)....a very big girl

6. It is very hot. Summer (come)....

7.They (begin) study at this school 7 years ago

8. Since when (you know) ..... her?

9.How long ago(he start) learn English?

10. She (lose)...... her handbag on the train yesterday morning

11. My mother (be) hospital for a long time and she can't go home yet

12.His dog (just run)...... out of the garden

13.Mr.Brown (travel).... by air several times in the past

14.I(see) ..... her before

15.Tom (never be).... in Hanoi

16.I (read)..... the novel written by Jack Lodon several times before

17. (do).... yesterday?

18. TV last night?

19.Mr Green (teach).....English in this school since he (graduate)........ from the university in 1986

20.How English?

21.I (try) learn English for years, but I (not succeed).....yet?

22.She (read)...... all the works of Dickens. How many (you read).......?

23.I (wait)...... here nearly half an hour for my girlfriend;do you think she (forget) to come?

24.Mary (rest) the garden all day because she (be)......ill

25.Although John (study) the University for 5 years, he (not get)...... his degree yet.

26. Jack (go) Switzerland for a holiday.He (never be)......there?

27.We (live) for the last six months, and (just decide) move

28.That book (lie)....on the table for weeks.You (not read) yet

29.He (not be) since Christmas, I wonder where he (live).....since then.

30.He (lose).....his books. He (look)....... for them all afternoon, but they (not turn up)........

31.She (work) hard this week that she(not have)....... time to go to the cinema

32.Your hair is wat.(You swim).......for a long time?

33.You look very tired.(You wok) .........very hard?

34.The telephone (ring).......for 2 minutes, but I (not answer) yet

35.Saigon..........(grow) now into a big city

36.I.......(not see) Nam for a long time.I......(see) him last three years ago.

37.The bell.........(ring) so we must go

38.I.......(meet) Mary last night. She........(become) a very big girl

39. He is very thirsty; He.......(not drink) for twenty-four hours.

40.Nam.....(be) in this school for four years (and he is still here)

41. My mother........(be) in hospital for a long time and she cannot go home yet

42.She .....(read) a lot of books this year

43. Ever since he left university he .....( have) 5 different jobs in different cities

44.When he was ten he.....(run) away from home

45.How many today?

46.In those days, mum.........(look) after us very carefully

47.Shakespreare........(write) plays as well as poems.

48. Since my father retired, he......(write) three books

49.Iam not studying today. I.....(study) a lot yesterday. I.....(study) a lot this week.

50.Could you imagine I.......(make) ten phone calls abroad today?

51.How here for?

52.I........(like) English all my life.

53.I.......(want) to be a doctor until I was twenty

54.They...........(unemploy) since they left London

55.How French?

56.I..........(not read) many novels since I went to university.

57.When I was a child, I....(like) street fook

58. I......(have) trouble concentrating for a week now.

59.He ............(learn) a lot in his job.

60.My friend Lan and I...........(know) each other for ages.

Phạm Thương

Supply the correct verb forms.

1. When the train reached the sixth station, Tom (get) off, feeling relieved that his journey (be) so easy. But he (be) alarmed to see that he (get) off at a station that he had never heard of. He (not know) what to do. He (explain) his difficulty to a man who (stand) on the platform. With a look of amusement on his face the man (tell) Tom that he (travel) on a train going in the wrong direction. 2. Maria is Spanish. She (live) in Madrid where she (work) for an export company. She (be) with this company for 2 years now. At the moment she (study) English on a one-month intensive course in London. She (arrive) in London last Saturday. This is not Maria's first time in Britain. She (be) there twice before. 3. Albert Malta was a progressive American write. He (be) born in 1908. He (write) his first play "Peace on Earth" in 1943. It was against wars, so the American police (arrest) him and (put) him in prison 1950. 4. Ha (come) back a moment ago and (turn) the television on very loudly. My son (sleep) then, so i (tell) her turn it off. 5. Mary and John are neighbours. They (know) each other for several years. Mary (move) into her house in 1985 and John (live) next door since he (come) to the area in 1980. 6. While I (walk) to class yesterday morning. I (see) Tom. We (say) helan (walk) the rest of the way to school together. 7. Yesterday afternoon I (go) to visit the Greens. When I (get) there about 2 o'clock Mrs Green (be) in the yard. She (plant) flowers in her garden. Mr Green (block) the garage. He (work) on their car. The children (play) in the front yard.

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