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Câu trả lời:

1/ She _________ the house last weekend.

A. was cleaning B. cleans C. clean D. cleaned

2. I _________ a little English before I went to Singapore.

A. study B. had studied C. had study D. have studied

3/ Why _________ you absent yesterday ?

A. did B. are C. was D.were

4/ Who _________ you at the airport last month?

A. meet B. met C. did meet D. were meet

5/ When he _________ , she was cleaning her room.

A. arrives B. arrived C. is arriving D. was arriving

6/ Last night, the police _________ me on my way home.

A. is stopping B. stopped C. stops D. was stopping

7/ Mai and Huong _________ their last summer vacation on the farm.

A. don’t spend B. aren’t spent C. didn’t spend D. weren’t spent

8/ What _________ you _________ last night?

A. do / do B. did / do C. do / did D. were / doing

9/ Before I went to bed, I _________ my teeth.

A. have brushed B. had brushed C. brushed D. brush

10/ The floor _________ with a sheet of plastic five days ago. A. covered B. was covering C. was covered D. is covered 11/ Before my mother came home, my brother _________ food on the table.

A. had prepared B. have prepared C. prepared D. had prepare

12/ Phong _________ with his friends last month.

A. went fish B. went fished C. went fishing D. went to fish

13/ I watched movie after I _________ my homework.

A. have completed B. had complete C. had completed D. completed

14/ She _________ breakfast at 8.30 yesterday morning.

A. had B. is having C. was having D. has

15/ When I got up, it _________.

A. rains B. rained C. is raining D. was raining

16/ Mrs. Thu _________ the newspaper while her husband was watching T.V. A. was reading B. is reading C. reads D. read

17/ Mr. Quang fell over while he _________ basketball.

A. was playing B. is playing C.played D. plays

18/ When I came home, everybody _________ the television.

A. watched B. were watching C. was watching D. is watching

19/ My father _________ out when my sister arrived at the zoo .

A. goes B. have gone C. has gone D. had gone

20/ Alice _________ a Vietnamese person until he met Nam.

A. had never met B. have never met C. never met D. never have met