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Câu trả lời:

Read the passage then fill in the blank with a missing word.

Bill Gate is a very famous person in the (1) ______computer_____ industry. He has been chief executive (2) ______officer of_____ Microsoft Corporation for several years. He is also the richest person (3) ______in_____ the USA. How did he do it? He (4) ______learned_____ a lot from his parents. While he was going to school, (5) ______his_____ father went to college, and became a successful lawyer. From this Bill learned that you have to work hard (6) _____if______ you want something. His mother was very busy teacher, (7) ____but_______ she also going to the party. From this, Bill learned something else: if you want to work hard and play (8) ______hard____, you have to make a schedule.

Read the passage carefully then decide if the statements true or false.

One of the most wonderful inventions of the past one hundred years is the telephone. This familiar, handy instrument has become a highly important part of daily life. The first telephone was installed in 1877. Today there are over 170 million telephones in the world. The average person in North America makes over six hundred calls a years.

The word telephone came from the Greek tele and phone, which means “distant” and “sound”. These words actually describe what the telephone does. It carries sound over a distance rapidly and accurately by using electric currents. The telephone transmits speech so that it sounds natural and has enough volume for conversation to take place as if the speakers were in the same room. Any telephone can be quickly connected to almost any other telephone anywhere in the world.


True (T)

False (F)

1. Telephone can’t work without electric currents.

2. The first telephone was installed in 1878.

3. The Greek word phone means distant

4. The telephone sends out speech that helps people talk each other.