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Chủ đề:

Luyện tập tổng hợp

Câu hỏi:

1. Read the passage then choose the best answers

Money is something we all take for granted in our lives. Some of us may wish we had more of it but we all recognize it when we see it, whether in the form of coins, notes or cheques. It is difficult to imagine how people managed without money. In the earliest periods of human history, people used to exchange goods directly. They would exchange things they had plenty of for things that they were in need of. For example, they might offer food for tools. This method of exchange, which is known as “barter”, has many disadvantages. Certain goods may be difficult to carry, they may not last long, or may be impossible to divide into smaller units. It can also be difficult to know the worth of something compared with other goods.

According to historians, the first money, in the sense we understand it today, consisted of gold coins produced about 2,500 years ago. Gold, being a very precious metal, was a suitable material. The introduction of gold coins was acceptable to everyone and they were still being used at the beginning of this century, although they have now been replaced by paper money and coins made of ordinary metals.

1. In the old days, people exchanged………..

A. what they needed for what they had B. food for tools

C. what they had for what they needed D. goods for money

2. “barter” is a system of exchange in which ………

A. food is exchanged for tools B. no money is used

C. money is used to buy things D. goods are difficult to carry

3. Direct exchange of goods is ……. because some gods may be too big to carry.

A. advantageous B. precious C. impossible D. disadvantages

4. According to historians, the first money was ………

A. made of paper B. made of gold C. made of coins D. made of 2000 years ago

5. Modern money is made of ……….

A. gold B. paper or gold

C. ordinary metals D. paper or ordinary metals

2. Read the passage and fill one suitable word in each blank.

Everyone is becoming aware that the environment is a (0) .... serious.... issue. However, we have not done (1) .......... to deal with this problem because we seem to wait for governments to (2) ........... actions. In my opinion, individuals can do many things to help (3) .......... the problem. To begin (4) .........., we can be more responsible in the (5) .......... we dispose of waste. We should not throw rubbish into lakes and (6) ........... . Moreover, we also need to (7) .......... the water we use. Fresh water (8) ..........drinking is running out in many (9) .......... of the world. Finally, I think that if we use (10) ........... transport more we can reduce air pollution in cities.

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Chủ đề:

Luyện tập tổng hợp

Câu hỏi:

II. Grammar and Vocabulary

A. Give the correct form of the capitalized word to finish each of the following sentences.

1. I can’t jump any .... HEIGHT

2. You should spend your money ... ECONOMY

3. John has just bought a(n) ... object. It doesn’t cost even a penny. VALUE

4. Until the situation has settled down, it is ... to travel to that country. ADVICE

5. Fogs are found ... rare in this region. COMPARE

6. She was a much less ... student than her sister. INDUSTRY

7. He owes his ... largely to his sense of humor. POPULAR

8. Many remote villages haven't been ... yet. ELECTRICITY

9. He is completely...! Not only is he lazy but he is dishonest too. EMPLOY

10. I like your new ... machine. CALCULATE

B. Find out one mistake in each of the following sentences, then correct it

1. I want to live for hundred years

2. Around 75 percents of the earth's surface is covered with water

3. Although both of them are trying to get the scholarship, she has the highest grades.

4. There are a large supply of pens and notebooks in the storeroom to the left of the library entrance.

5. Many young people lack skills, good education and financial to settle in the urban areas where many jobs are found

C. Choose the best answers A, B, C or D to finish the following sentences.

1. They were fortune ... from the fire before the building collapsed

A. to have been rescuing B. being rescued

C. to have been rescued D. to rescue

2. She wants to go shopping, but she has hardly ... money

A. any B. some C. no D. little

3. The new director of the company seems to be an intelligent and ... man

A. well-educated B. well-educate

C. well-educational D. well-education

4. Can you keep calm for a moment? You ... noise in class!

A. are always made B. always make

C. have always made D. are always making

5. By ... the housework done, my mother has more time to pursue her career

A. ordering B. taking C. having D. making

6. The United States consists of fifty states, ... has its own government.

A. each of which B. hence each

C. they each D. each of that

7. If you had taken my advice, you ... in such difficulties now.

A. won't be B. hadn't been

C. wouldn't be D. wouldn't have been

8. “The inflation rate in Greece is five times ... my country,” he said.

A. as much as B. more than C. as many as that in D. as high as that in

9. I would really ... your help with this assignment

A. respect B. take C. appreciate D. thank

10. Make exercise a part of your daily ... .

A. regularity B. chore C. routine D. frequency

11. - “Today’s my 20th birthday.” - “... ”

A. Take care! B. Many happy returns! C. Have a good time! D. I don’t understand.

12. “I’d rather you ... home now.”

A. going B. go C. gone D. went

13. They would ... go by air than travel by train.

A. always B. better C. prefer D. rather

14. The price of fruit has increased recently, ... the price of vegetables has gone down

A. whereas B. whether C. when D. otherwise

15. ..., the results couldn't be better

A. No matter what he tried hard B. No matter how hard he tried

C. Although very hard he tried D. Despite how hard he tried

16. She had to hand in her notice ... advance when she decided to leave the job.

A. with B. from C. in D. to

17. Not having written about the required topic, ... a low mark.

A. my presentation was given B. the teacher gave me

C. the teacher gave D. I was given

18. The existence of many stars in the sky ... us to suspect that there may be life on another planet

A. have led B. leads C. lead D. leading

19. Do you know ... ?

A. what wrong was it with B. what's wrong with it

C. what wrong was with it D. what wrong is it with

20. I can't find my purse anywhere; I must ... it at the cinema

A. leave B. have left C. be leaving D. have been leaving

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