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Đến từ Nam Định , Chưa có thông tin
Số lượng câu hỏi 253
Số lượng câu trả lời 120
Điểm GP 6
Điểm SP 85

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1.         My son has recently ________ stamp collecting as a hobby.

         A. taken up                       B. put off                                  C. taken out                              D. put out

2.        These policies ________ in many elderly and disabled people suffering hardship.

         A. recalled                        B. succeeded                           C. resulted                                D. resigned

3.        Part of the path had been ________ by the sea.`                 `

         A. washed over                B. washed away                        C. washed down                       D. made in

4.        The diesel /'di:zəl/ engine was named ________ its inventor Rudolf Diesel.

         A. along                           B. to                                         C. after                                     D. with

5.         He ________his father in his fishing skills.

         A. takes on                       B. takes over                            C. takes after                            D. takes care

6.        She ________ to the cinema last night.         

         A. went over                     B. went on                                C. went out                               D. went off

7.        I've been trying to ________ him all day.

         A. fall in love with              B. take track of                         C. take advantage of                 D. get in touch with

8.        An ever-growing proportion of this ____ consists of unburned hydrocarbon gases from the exhausts of automobiles.

         A. pollute                         B. polluted                                C. pollution                               D. pollutant

9.         My grandfather has __________golf recently.

         A. taken on                      B. taken up                               C. taken after                            D. taken off

10.    The bomb ________ when he rang the bell.

         A. went over                     B. went on                                C. went out                               D. went off

11.    No one really believed it when the news came through that the "Titanic" had ___ on her maiden voyage.

         A. gone over                    B. gone on                               C. gone down                           D. gone off


1.        My husband and I take turns cleaning ___ the kitchen depending ____ who gets home from work earlier.

         A. away / to                      B. from / in                                C. up / on                                 D. with / for

2.        The efforts for the advancement of women have resulted ________ several respectively achievement in women's life and work.

         A. at                                B. with                                      C. for                                        D. in

3.        The small white flowers are my favorite. They give off a wonderful honey smell that scents the entire garden.

         A. release                        B. stop                                     C. end                                      D. melt

4.        I couldn't make out what he had talked about because I was not used to his accent.

         A. stand                           B. understand                           C. write                                     D. interrupt

5.        I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you. Please, go on and finish what you were saying.

         A. talk                              B. quit                                      C. continue                               D. stop

6.        What does "www" ________ for? Is it short for “world wide web?”

         A. sit                                B. stand                                   C. lie                                        D. point

7.        If you do not understand the word "superstitious," look it up in the dictionary.

         A. find its meaning            B. write it                                  C. draw it                                  D. note it

8.        The firefighters fought the blaze while the crowd was looking on it.

         A. blowing                        B. watering                               C. preventing                            D. watching

9.        Not all women can do two jobs well at the same time: rearing children and working at office.

         A. educating                     B. taking care of                       C. homemaking                         D. giving a birth

10.    I don't know whether I'll go out tonight. It depends ________ how I feel.

         A. in                                 B. at                                         C. on                                        D. over


1.        My father still hasn’t really recovered from the death of my mother.

         A. went over                     B. got over                               C. took over                              D. looked over

2.        I can’t _____ walking. Can we stop and have a short rest?

         A. go on                           B. get on                                  C. go up                                   D. get up

3.        When you are finished using the computer, can you please _____ it off.

         A. take                             B. turn                                      C. do                                        D. go

4.        When the alarm went off, everyone proceeded calmly to the emergency exits.

         A. fell                               B. exploded                              C. called                                   D. rang

5.        Mrs. Jones's husband passed away fast Friday. We’re all shocked by the news.

         A. got married                  B. divorced                               C. died                                     D. were on business

6.        If you want to be healthy. you should ________ your bad habits in your lifestyles.

         A. give up                        B. call off                                 C. break down                          D. get over

7.        Try to study harder to catch ________ your classmates.

         A. up                               B. up with                                 C. out                                       D. with

8.        Don’t be impatient ! I ‘m sure he will turn ________ on time

         A. up                               B. round                                   C. on                                        D. off

9.        Go _______ this book because it has the information you need.

         A. over                             B. by                                        C. off                                       D. on

10.    My husband spends far more time helping our three kids ___ homework and studying for tests than I do.

         A. on                               B. to                                         C. with                                      D. in


1.        I didn't get to see the end of that movie on TV last night. How did it _____out?

         A. go                               B. make                                   C. bring                                    D. turn

2.        I’m not surprised Margaret's ill. With all the voluntary work she's ___,she’s really been doing too much.

         A. taken off                     B. taken on                               C. taken in                                D. taken to

3.        At present we are __________ an anti-drug campaign.

         A. setting up for                B. carrying out                          C. taking part                            D. joining with

4.        At the station, we often see the sigh “________ for pickpockets”.

         A. Watch on                     B. Watch out                            C. Watch up                              D. Watch at

5.        Let’s wait here for her; I’m sure she’ll _____.

         A. turn down                    B. turn off                                C. turn over                              D. turn up

6.        UNESCO _____ United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

         A. stands for                    B. brings about                         C. takes after                            D. gets across

7.        Don't forget to ________ your gloves on. It is cold outside.

         A. let                                B. make                                   C put                                        D. fix

8.        The passengers had to wait because the plane ___off one hour late.

         A. took                             B. turned                                  C. cut                                       D. made

9.        The bomb exploded in the garage; fortunately no one hurt.

         A. put on                          B. went off                               C. got out                                 D. kept up

10.    These shoes felt too tight, so I took _____ and tried a larger size.

         A. away them                   B. off them                               C. them away                            D. them off