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The television has undoubtedly changed society. For a modern person to think about (25) ____________ the world was like without television is actually hard to imagine. The world before the TV was one of little information flowing in to communities throughout the world. All information that people could get was filtered through newspapers often had specific biases that caused them to (26) ___________ the news to whatever their preference was. Although television would follow this to a certain (27) ____________, it was able to hit a widespread audience at the same time. In other words, people literally watched the broadcast at the same time each day, and they began (28) ____________ news as things happened. 

          A television grew into something that practically every household in industrialized nations had, businesspeople were quick to realize the (29) ____________ television had. They realized there was an enormous amount of money to be made, and therefore they were willing to invest in the technology and infrastructure that made it possible


25  A Which            B What                      C That                   D How

26  A Model             B Shape                      C Form                D Make

27 A Height             B Sum                        C Ammount           D Degree

28 A Getting along       B Carrying out        C Taking in         D looking after

29 A Potenial         B Archievement         C Success             D Development