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Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

chọn đáp án đúng

1. the summer vacation ... for almost three months

a. longs b.lasts

2. my sister loves .... stamps

a. collect b. to collect c.collecting

3. i ... come and see you sometime

a. will c. don't

4. what will you do ... your vacation ?

a. to c.during

5. my brother likes watching soccer . ....

a. i like,too like c.i am, too

6. mr.tuan has ... days off than mr.jones

a.many b.less c.fewer

7.jane is ... beautiful than her sister

a.more b.the most c.fewer

8.thanh helps chilren to learn. she is a ... b.musician c.teacher

9. which vietnamese vacation is ....

a. the longest b.long c.longest

10. mr.jones repairs machines in a factory. he's a ...

a. a shop assistant b.a mechanic c. farmer

11. at recess, ... activity is talking

a. more popular b. most popular c.the most popular

12.this book is ... interesting of the three

a.most b.the most c.more

13.every morning, t wake up and have my ...

a. dinner b.lunch c.breakfast

14.they have to work very hard on their farm

a.should b.must c.need vietnamese students have more fewer vacations than american ... ?

a.students c. farmers

16. ... a look at this picture

a.take b. give

17.hurry or you'll be late ... school

a.with b.for homework ... about two hours each day

a.takes b.has

19.our summer vacation starts in june. it ... for almost for two months

a. happends b.takes c.lasts

20. what do you do ... the vacation ?

a. during b. while c. when

4 câu trả lời

Read and then answer the questions.

Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union is an organization for Vietnamese youth from 16 to

30 years of age. The Youth Union builds good character, love for the nation, and encourages

good citizenship, soft skills and personal fitness.

The Youth Union was founded on 26th March 1931 by the beloved President Ho Chi Minh.

It had different names over the years. One of its first names was “Vietnam Communist Youth

Union”. In December 1976, it was officially named as it is called today: Ho Chi Minh

Communist Youth Union. However, people normally use the name “The Youth Union” for short.

The Youth Union, together with other organizations such as The Young Pioneers

Organization, the Vietnam Youth Federation, the Vietnam Students Union, often hold social

activities such as Helping the Handicapped, Cleaning the Environment, Green Summer

Volunteers Campaign, and other similar movements. These activities aim to help the young

develop their public awareness and form their personality.

Ever since the Youth Union was founded, its aims and principles, established by President

Ho Chi Minh have been the guidelines for the young Vietnamese people of today and tomorrow.

31. At what age can one join the Youth Union?

32. When was the Youth Union founded?

33. What is the complete name of the Youth Union?

34. What do social activities of the Youth Union aim to help?

35. Who established the guidelines for the Vietnamese youth?

Use the given words to make sentences.

36. She / like / learn English/./

37. She / learn / this language /since 2008/./

38. She / always / want / improve her English/./

39. She / buy / an English -Vietnamese dictionary/ last week /./

40. / Her/ English /pronunciation / so/ bad/./

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