Câu hỏi của Thanh Hằng - Tiếng Anh lớp 7

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

1. Tom is (slow) ________________. He works ________________.

2. Sue is a (careful) ________________girl. She climbed up the ladder ________________.

3. The dog is (angry) ________________. It barks ________________.

4. He acted (excellent) ________________. He's an ________________actor.

5. They learn English (easy) ________________. They think English is an ________________language.

6. Max is a (good) ________________singer. He sings ________________.

7. It's (awful) ________________cold today. The cold wind is ________________.

8. Dogs rely on their noses as they can smell (extreme / good) ________________. If that is true, why does dog food smell so (terrible) ________________?

9. The little boy looked (sad) ________________. I went over to comfort him and he looked at me ________________.

10.I tasted the soup (careful) ________________but it tasted (wonderful) ________________.

11.Niagara Falls form a ________________ border between the United States and Canada. (natural/naturally)

12.Tourists visit this place ________________ (frequently/ frequent) .

13.The Falls are very________________ (noisy/ noisily)

14.So you must speak ________________ or nobody can understand you. (loudly/loud)

15.Many years ago, the Iroquois tribe lived here________________ (peacefully/ peaceful)

16.He is a ________________boy. (clever)

17.He is tired because he has worked ________________. (hard)

18.He isn’t tired because he has ________________worked. (hard)

19.She is a ________________girl. (quiet)

20.She went to bed ________________. (quiet)

21.He is not a good student but he writes ________________. (good)

22.You should speak more ________________. (soft)

23.The children behaved ________________. (bad)

24.The brave men fought ________________. (brave)

25.They lived together ________________. (happy)

26.She looks ________________. (pretty)

27.That milk tastes ________________. (sour)

28.I don’t know ________________where they live. (exact)

29.She turned ________________. (pale)

30.This brown fur feels ________________. (soft)

31.These children are ________________at English. (good)

32.Your brother ________________works at all. (hard)

33.Ann ________________had an accident last Sunday. (near)

34.Have you been to the cinema ________________. (late)

35.Mary always dresses ________________. (beautiful)

36.Yes, it was raining ________________for two hours. (heavy)

37.He has painted it ________________. (nice)

38.What a vworker he is! (quick)

39.He is always very ________________. (polite)

40.He is often ________________. (nervous)

41.Arthur ________________rode back to the inn. (quick)

42.They saw a ________________butterfly on a rose. (beautiful)

43.When the teacher heard about the missing book he said ________________:"You should be more careful." (angry)

44.When he told him the truth, he was ________________. (quiet)

45."This wound looks ________________", the doctor said. (bad)

46.The boys played so ________________that they won the tournament. (good)

47.He was so busy with his new computer that he ____________had time to help his mother. (hard)

48."Go and have a rest. You shouldn’t work so ________________." (hard)

49.From the top of the mountain he could see ________________across the countryside. (far)

50.What a ________________picture! (beautiful)

51.Arthur fought ________________and they won the battle. (good)

52."I love you", Camilla said in a ________________voice. (soft)

53.The maid shut the door ________________. (quiet)

54.They could hear a ________________cry. (terrible)

55.Suddenly he woke up because the phone rang ________________. (loud)

56.Jane opened the door ________________. (careful)

57.I like driving ________________. (fast)

58.She spoke to me very ________________. (soft)

59.Paul lay in bed ________________. (quiet)

60.He tasted the various kinds of tea ________________. (careful)

61.Jane opened the box ________________. (careful)

62.Jim turned the book upside down ________________. (quick)

63.It is raining ________________. (heavy)

64.She dresses ________________. (beautiful)

65.Tom looked at my lunch ________________. (hungry)

66.Please, drive ________________. (careful)

67.He didn’t sleep ________________. (good)

68.We didn't hurry. So we walked ________________. (slow)

69.New York is a ________________city. (big)

70.He won the race because he drove ________________. (good)

71.It was ________________for me to come. (impossible)

72.Mary jumped up ________________. (happy)

73.She worked all the day. She feels ________________. (tired)

74.She dresses ________________. (pretty)

75.She came home ________________. (late)

76.He didn't have an accident because he's an ________________driver. (excellent)

77.Sam is good at sports. He always runs ________________. (fast)

78.His father is a manager. He works very ________________. (hard)

79.He won a prize. He is very ________________. (happy)

80.She felt ________________. So she stayed at home. (ill)

81.The weather was ________________. It was cold all the time. (bad)

82.The exercise wasn't difficult. So we did it ________________. (easy)

83.The soup is great. It tastes ________________. (wonderful)

84.He always greets ________________. (friendly)

85.Today she skates ________________. (good)

86.The party was ________________. (wonderful)

87.The house seems to be so ________________without you. (empty)

88.Fish and chips taste ________________. (fantastic)

89.She drives ________________. (careful)

90.She is a nice girl. She always answers ________________. (polite)

91.I am ________________tired. (terrible)

92.The man drove too ________________. (fast)

93.She sings ________________. (good)

94.Mr Jones wrote the letter ________________. (quick)

95.The ________________film was over at o'clock. (boring)

96.We ran to school ________________yesterday. (quick)

97.I have learned very ________________to pass the exam. (hard)

98.Five cars were ________________damaged. (heavy)

99.Please read the instructions ________________. (careful)

100. The bus driver was ________________. (angry)

101. His answer came ________________. (surprising)

102. Tom looked at my dinner ________________. (hungry)

103. Nobody is ________________. (perfect)

104. We played some ________________games. (exciting)

105. They talked to him ________________. (friendly)

106. She always works ________________. (careful)

107. Ann often behaves ________________in school. (bad)

108. He is often very ________________. (nervous)

109. He works very ________________. (good)

110. This steak tastes ________________. (great)

111. She looked at me ________________. (angry)

112. She looks ________________. (pretty)

113. They skate ________________. (good)

114. He was very ________________that he won the race. (happy)

115. That sounds ________________. (great)

116. The doctor felt his leg ________________. (gentle)

117. There was a ________________storm yesterday night . (heavy)

118. I like roses. They smell ________________. (good)

119. Their son is ________________. (silly)

120. The cat's fur felt ________________and ________________. (soft / warm)

121. This lady has a ________________voice (loud).

122. 2. Jack always speaks ________________ (loud).

123. 3. Mary waits ________________in the doctor's waiting room (patient).

124. 4. Dad was quite ________________yesterday (sleepy).

125. Jim picked up the phone and spoke ________________ (quiet).

126. Mary works ________________ (careful).

127. Jack is often ________________ (happy).

128. Nelly walked around ________________ (nervous).

129. That man is a ________________person (nervous).

130. Susan and George work ________________ (slow).

131. Jill runs to school ________________ (fast).

132. Tom runs home ________________ (quick).

133. His story sounds ________________ (strange).

134. Paul is a policeman. He has a ________________job (dangerous).

135. The dog is always ________________ (hungry).

136. The boys play tennis ________________ (good).

137. They are ________________tennis players (good).

138. Frank sings ________________ (good).

139. Sandra speaks French ________________ (perfect).

140. This pullover was ________________ (expensive).

141. She looked for the purse ________________ (careful).

142. Paul walked home ________________ (sad).

143. Father spoke ________________ (angry).

144. She doesn't like sports. So she ________________does any sports (hard).

145. He is never ________________ (late).

146. She phoned me once a week. But ________________she didn't (late).

147. They did their homework ________________ (bad).

148. I must work ________________ (hard).

149. I don't like her pictures. She paints ________________ (terrible).

150. She likes the dress. It looks ________________ (modern).

151. Lucy is shy, so she cannot make friends ________________ (easy)

152. The dog looked ________________, so we gave him some food. (hungry)

153. There was long applause because she sang ________________. (beautiful)

154. I asked her why she was ________________but she didn’t tell me. (sad)

155. They spoke ________________because the baby was asleep. (quiet)

156. My aunt is a ________________driver. (slow)

157. Was the exercise ________________? (easy)

158. He could swim ________________across the river. (easy)

159. You don’t look very ________________. Are you ill? (good)

160. He drives too ________________. (dangerous)

161. This is my ________________car. (new)

162. The soup tastes really ________________. (good)

163. Take an umbrella. It’s raining ________________. (heavy)

164. What a ________________day! (beautiful)

165. She is a ________________tennis player but her brother plays ________________. (bad / good)

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