Câu hỏi của Trần Nguyễn Hoài Thư - Tiếng anh lớp 7

Em hãy tìm một từ thừa ở mỗi dòng trong đoạn văn sau :

Good morning and welcome to our library. It's the most    0/ __most__

largest library in the city. You can find all much kinds of    1/ ______

books, magazines and newspapers here. To finding a book is    2/ ______

very easy. The only thing you can do is to by look in the     3/ ______

card index. These cards show the subject and they cards are    4/ ______

in alphabetical order by with both title and author. And now      5/ ______

please have a look at the shelves.These shelves they on the      6/______

right have there magazines, newspapers and dictionaries.     7/ ______

Those shelves on the left library have science books and       8/ ______

reference books. And those shelves at the come back of the      9/ ______

library have lot history, geography, literature books.        10/ ______

Các bạn giúp mình với, nhanh nhé, mình đang gấp lắm ! Thanks !

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