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Chuyển các câu sau từ thế chủ động sang bị động.

1. Ann fed the cats before she went to the cinema.

2. Some people will interview the new president on TV.

3. The waiter brings this dish for me.

4. Our frends sent these postcard to us.

5. Tim ordered this train ticket for his mother.

6. You didn't show me the special camera.

7. She has shown the ticket to the airline agent.

8. He lends his frend his new shoes.

9. She left her relative five million pounds.

10. The shop assistant handed these boxes to the customer.

11. The board has awarded the first prize to the reporter.

12. He hid the broken cup in the drawer.

13. They keep this room tidy all the time.

14. We gave Ann some bananas and some flowers.

15. They moved the bridge into the living room.

16. She bought some cup of tea to the visitor in the next room.

17. Bill will invite Ann to the party.

18. I didn't write that letter.

19. Hundred of people visit the White House everyday.

20. Everyone doesn't know this fact very well.

21. He can't open the window.

22. Shakespeare wrote that play.

23. He can finish the work in two hour.

24. People speak Spanish in many countries.

25. The children often read stories in the evening.

26. Alice didn't make that cake.

27. They buy newspaper everywhere in the city.

28. This company will publish a text book next year.

29. She delivers milk at about six o'clock.

30. Somebody cleans the room everyday.

31. They grow rice in the north.

32. We don't raise cows on our farm.

34. People used oil-lam years ago.

35. The boss will meet him in the restaurant tomorrow.

36. The old man feeds fowls twice a day.

37. She doesn't grow tree in her garden.

38. Somebody has taken my briefcase.

39. The teacher returned our written work to us.

40. She has finished her report.

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