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Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

1. Keep silent, please. Our teacher (explain) _____is explaning_________ the lesson.

2. We (be) ________have been_________ students for four years.

3. I will send him the message as soon as he (return) ______returns___________

4. Thanks for (invite) ______inviting________ me to the birthday party.

5. Peter couldn’t read until he (be) ______was_______ eight years old.

6. What ____________ your father usually ____________ (do) in the evenings?

7. I can (see) _________________ the children. They (play) ______________ in the yard.

8. Would you like (listen) _________________ to music?

9. No, thanks. I like (read) _________________ books.

10. Don’t worry. I (give) ____________ him your message when I (see) __________ him.

11. You (think) _________ collecting stamps costs much money?

12. My father thinks mountain climbing (be) _________ more dangerous than skating.

13. Every year, my mother (give) _________ me a nice doll on my birthday.

14. My brother (not like) _________ collecting stamps, he likes collecting glass bottles.

15. My sister likes (cook) _________ very much. She can cook many good foods.

Exercise 2: Put the verbs in the brackets into correct tense or form:

16. Does your brother like (listen) _________ to music in his free time?

17. I think in the future, more people (enjoy) _________ going out by bicycles.

18. My father says when he's retired, he (go) _________ back to his village to do the gardening.

19. We are planting trees around our school now. Our school (be) _________ surrounded by a lot of green trees.

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II. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb have or feel. Add “a or an” where necessary.

1. I __________ flu. I__________ tired and weak.

2. Jane __________ sick, so she stays at home today.

3. Maybe she__________ fever. Her face is red and she tells me that she __________ very hot.

4. I __________ terrible headache yesterday, but I __________ better now.

5. What’s wrong with Sarah? Does she __________ toothache?

6. ‘Have you ever __________ allergy to seafood?’ ‘Yes, I__________ ill when I ate some lobsters two months ago.

7. My friend __________ sunburn after a day at the beach. Her skin becomes red and sore.

8. I __________ itchy and I __________ runny nose. Do I __________ cold?

III. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Would you mind _____________ (watch) my bag for a few minutes?

2. I enjoy _____________ (listen) to music while I’m doing the cooking.

3. He wants _____________ (buy) a new computer game.

4. I’d like _____________ (speak) to Mr Davis, please. Is he there?

5. Please avoid _____________ (make) silly mistakes in this exercise.

6. The children would love _____________ (eat) French fries.

7. She really loves _____________ (work) with children.

8. We tried _____________ (call) you but your mobile was off.

9. They intend _____________ (build) houses on the school playing fields.

10. I can’t stand _____________ (do) the washing up.

11. She ______________ (have) a sore throat, and she ______________ (cough) terribly now.

12. You should try ______________ (exercise) a couple times a week.

13. He keeps ______________ (sneeze), so I think he’s got a cold.

14. What ______________ (you/ do) tomorrow evening?

15. My mother doesn’t like ______________(eat) fast food.

16. _____________ (you/ ever/ be) to the United States ? - No, but I _____________ (be) to England and France.

17. When we were in Canada, we _____________ (go) skiing almost every day.

18. When _____________ (you/ meet) your wife? - 3 years ago.

19. Peter _____________ (not phone) yet. I’m still waiting.

20. I _____________ (know) Helen since we were at school together.

21. My uncle _____________ (live) in Berlin in 1999.

22. We _____________ (not see) Beth at Mike’s house yesterday morning.

23. Do you like this picture? My uncle _____________ (paint) it.

24. Mr. Dass _____________ (leave) for New York late last night.

25. Mr and Mrs Grey _____________ (teach) French here for over five years.

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