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Làm hộ mình những câu này từ câu 54 đến hết với ạundefined


Đại tá -
14 tháng 1 lúc 13:48

54. How much beef would you like?

55. What does he want?

56. How much oil does she want to cook?

57. What do you feel?

58. What color are her eyes?

59. Where is the well?

60. What is Mr. Quan doing with the vegetables?

61. What does your sister do?

62. Why do you go to bed early?

63. How is she traveling?

64. Where are your friends playing?

65. What is Mr. Tan doing in his room?

66. What are Linh and Quang doing in the classroom?

67. What is your sister doing?

68. Where is he reading?

69. Where is the train going to?

70. What is her sister doing?

71. Where is your mother work?

72. What are Nam and Ba going to do?

73. Where is Bill going to take their chairs?

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