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Cô gửi các em link đề số 3 - đề thi chính thức vào 10 THPT của Sở GD&ĐT Nghệ An. Hãy cùng thử sức xem với 50 câu trong 60 phút các em làm được bao nhiêu điểm nhé!


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Các câu hỏi tương tự


Chào các em, tiếp tục là những câu hỏi mới trong chuỗi câu hỏi ôn tập thi vào 10 môn Tiếng Anh cùng Hoc24 nhé!

[1-10] Choose the best answer to each of the following questions.

Question 1: __________, all the students couldn’t do it well.

A. Giving the test at short notice

B. The teacher gave the test at short notice

C. At short notice did the teacher give the test

D. The teacher giving the test at short notice

Question 2: Jane promised _______ me up at 5 o’clock.

A. me to pick                                                  B. me that she would pick

C. to me that she would pick                          D. to me to pick

Question 3: Jane: Which one can I have? - Anne: Take your _______, mate. It’s first-come, first-served.

A. choice                     B. pick                       C. pluck                   D. vote

Question 4: I think you’re being _____ pessimistic.

A. worthlessly             B. unduly                    C. undeservedly     D. abundantly

Question 5: The _______ of Cat Tien National Park includes 105 listed mammal species, 351 species of birds, over 120 reptile and amphibian species and over 130 species of freshwater fish.

A. species                   B. creatures                C. flora                   D. fauna

Question 6: We must prepare for the attack. Every ______ counts.

A. second                    B.hour                         C. day                    D. minute

Question 7: Miss McCrea was ______ anyone could have had. She never lost her temper with even the stupidest pupils.

A. as patient teacher as                                   B. so patient teacher as

C. as patient a teacher as                                D. so patient a teacher as

Question 8: Once the story ______ the headlines, everyone was talking about it.

A. smashed                 B. hit                           C. crashed                 D. struck

Question 9: The clown was wearing a ______ wig and a red nose.

A. red funny plastic French                            B. French funny plastic red

C. funny red French plastic                            D. red French plastic funny

Question 10: Hillary was an effective speaker and her audience seemed to ______ on her every word.

A. hang                       B. cling                       C. hold                    D. catch

Good luck các em!



Chào tất cả các em, chúng ta cùng bắt đầu chuỗi các câu hỏi ôn tập thi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh cùng Hoc24 nào!

[1-5] Complete the second sentence using the word given so that it has a similar meaning to the following sentences. Write between TWO AND FIVE WORDS. Do NOT change the word given in brackets in any way.

Question 1. That historian is famous for his vast knowledge of primitive life. (AUTHORITY)

=> He is _________________________________________

Question 2. Nobody could believe the story about her achievements. (BEYOND)

=> The story about her achievements __________________

Question 3. I couldn't make sense of the radio message because of the interference. (IMPOSSIBLE)

=> The interference on the radio ___________ to make sense of the message.

Question 4. They arrived at the station with only a minute to spare. (NICK)

=> They arrived at the station __________ time.

Question 5. David praised her exceptionally good choice of venue for the party. (CONGRATULATE)

=> David __________________________ a good venue for the party.

[6-10] Complete the unfinished sentence in such a way that it means nearly the same as the sentence printed before it.

Question 6. Were Jack not so affluent a man, she would not be dating him.

=> But ______________________________________

Question 7. It is likely that they forgot about the extra class.

=> They _____________________________________

Question 8. Do you have any scarves? I'm looking for one that's woollen, green and fairly long.

=> I'm looking for a ____________________________

Question 9. You should not lock this door for any reason when the building is open to the public.

=> Under no _________________________________

Question 10. A bee sting is more likely to cause death these days than a snake bite.

=> Death ___________________________________

Goodluck các em!



[1-10] Use the word given in brackets to form a word that fits in the gap. 

The first one has been done as an example (0).

Example: (0). PROJECTIONS/ projections

Today, population growth largely means urban population growth. United Nation (UN) (0. PROJECT)____ show the world’s rural population has already stopped growing, but the world can expect to add close to 1.5 billion (1. URBAN)____ in the next 15 years, and 3 billion by 2050. How the world meets the challenge of sustainable development will be (2. INTIMACY)___ tied to this process.

For many people, cities represent a world of new opportunities, including jobs. There is a powerful link between urbanization and economic growth. Around the world, tows and cities are responsible for over 80 per cent of the gross national product. While urban poverty is growing around the world, this is largely because many people – including the poor – are moving to urban areas.

The opportunities there extend beyond just jobs. Cities also offer greater opportunities for (3. SOCIETY)____ mobilization and women’s empowerment. Many young people, especially young women, regard the move to cities as an opportunity to escape traditional patriarchy and experience new freedoms. Urban areas also offer greater access to education and health services, including sexual and reproductive health care, further (4. PROMOTE)____ women’s empowerment and the realization of their reproductive right. This contributes to significantly reduces (5. FERTILE)___ in urban areas changing the trajectory of overall population growth.

This process, which is particularly (6. PRONUNCIATION)____ in Africa and Asia, where much of the world’s population growth is taking place, is also an enormous opportunity for sustainability if the right policies are put in place. Urban living has the potential to use resources more (7. EFFICIENCY)___, to create more sustainable land use and to protect the (8. DIVERSE) ____ of natural ecosystems.

Still, the face of (9. EQUAL)___ is increasingly an urban one. Too many urban residents grapple with extreme poverty, (10. EXCLUDE)_____, vulnerability and marginalization.

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