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1. Odd one out. Which underlined part is pronounced differently in each line?

1. A. ears B.eyes C. arms D. lips

2. A. stove B. telephone C. mother D. bone

3. A. vases B. dishes C tables D. fridges

4. A. notebooks B. rulers C. erasers D. pencils

5. A. brother B. nose C. stomach D.oven


2. Write the names of school things and furniture in the house which begin with /b/and /p/.

/b/ book,__________________________________

/p/ pen,___________________________________

3. Complete the words.

1. E_ _l_ _ _ 2. h_ _ _w_ _ _

3. l_ _ _h 4. s_ _ r_ _

5. b_ _m_ _ _ _ n 6. p_ _s_ _ _

7. l_ _ _o_ 8. j_ _ _

Now write the words in the correct group.





4. Do the crossword puzzle.


1. This is a large cupboard for hanging your clothes.

2 People sit, talk and relax in this room.

3. This is a set of rooms, usually on one floor of a building.

4. This is a large picture that is put on a wall.


1. People eat in this room.

2. This is a space inside the front door of a building.

từ khoá


5. Choose the correct words.

  1. Hue is a quiet/talkative student. She doesn't say much in class.
  2. Trang is a shy/confident girl. She doesn't talk much when she meets new friends.
  3. My friends always do their homework. They're lazy/hard-working.
  4. My mother never gets angry with us. She's patient/boring.
  5. My younger brother is very kind/sporty. He can play football, badminton and volleyball very well


6. Complete the sentences with the present simple or the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

  1. We can't go out now. It (rain)_______ .
  2. What time you (have)_____ breakfast every day?
  3. I (not/go out)______ this afternoon. I (do) ____my homework.
  4. My dog (like)________ my bed very much. He (sleep)______ on it now.
  5. There (be)______ a lamp, a computer and some books on my desk.

7. Nick is describing his mother. Complete the description with the correct form of the verbs "be" or "have". Sometimes you need the negative form.

My mother (1)_______ 45 years old. She (2)______

chubby because she likes playing sports. She

(3) black hair. Her hair (4) _____ blonde.

She (5)_____ blue eyes, a straight nose and full lips.

Her fingers (6)______ slim. My mother (7)________

kind. She likes helping other people. She (8)______

also funny because she usually makes us laugh.

I love her very much.


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