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Nowadays, Viet Nam is known as not only a potential country with flourishing market economy but also a popular travel destination with heart-touching magnificent landscapes. Recognised as one of seven new world heritage sites by UNESCO, charming scenes of Ha Long Bay seems to appeal to a large number of local and foreign tourists. Ha Long Bay, a stunningly scenic spot is located in Quang Ninh province in the northeast of Vietnam. The bay covers an area of over 1500 sq km, includes over 1600 islands and islets which form a spectacular seascape of limestone. This is an unique heritage as it marks important events in the formation and development of Viet Nam history; simultaneously, it is also blessed by mother nature with breathtaking views. In addition,your trip to Ha Long Bay will not be complete and perfect if you miss Bo Hon island- the home of variety of flora and fauna, Yen Tu mountain, Surprise Cave or Kissing rocks. Futhermore, it enjoys warm and tropical climate which is suitable for tourists to visit at any time. Come to Ha Long, besides immersing yourselves in her natural beauty, tourists can have an opportunity to savour delicious seafood with reasonable price and best service as well as relax with water sports such as swimming, scuba-diving, water- skiing… Moreover, residents here are very amiable, hospitable and ready to help anyone if you are in a fix. To put it briefly, a mystical, dreamy and elegant Ha Long Bay has become the pride of Vietnamese people and it is everyone’s awareness and responsibility to conserve and preserve this precious heritage.