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Học tại trường Chưa có thông tin
Đến từ Phú Thọ , Chưa có thông tin
Số lượng câu hỏi 25
Số lượng câu trả lời 33
Điểm GP 6
Điểm SP 22

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B.Thị Anh Thơ

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Câu trả lời:

Lunar New Year is the most important occasion in Vietnam. Lunar New Year, according to the Vietnamese called Tet Nguyen Dan. "Nguyen" is to start, "Dan" is a new day. "Tet Nguyen Dan" is to start a new year, to welcome Spring with everything in its newest appearance. A new year comes with goodluck and in the mean time, all of the badluck will be gone, together with the passed year. "Tet Ta" (Lunar new year) is affected by Chinese Lunar New Year and East Asia Traditional Circle so that "Tet Ta" comes after New Years Eve. According to the old rule: 3 even years/a month of the Lunar Calendar, so the first day of the year is never before Jan 21st or after Feb 19th. Normally, this day will come from about the end of Jan to mid of Feb. The Lunar New Year lasts for 7-8 days of the passed year and 7 days of the new year.

According to East Asian culture and history of China, the origin of Lunar New Year from Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors and change from time to time. According to folk beliefs, the New Year started from the concept "Thankfully the rain to sunshine", as well as originating from "tiet" (weather) upon under the operation of the universe, expressed in the cycle times the Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter, which, with a very special meaning for an agricultural country like Vietnam. Farmers for this is the occasion to commemorate the gods are related to agricultural land as the god of rain, thunder god, the god of water ... Farmers do not forget to thank the animals which help them farm work like cattle, poultry and they also thank others food crops, food to feed them.