Học tại trường Chưa có thông tin
Đến từ Bình Định , Chưa có thông tin
Số lượng câu hỏi 9
Số lượng câu trả lời 38
Điểm GP 29
Điểm SP 47

Người theo dõi (2)

Đỗ Ngọc Mai
Mobile Moba Việt

Đang theo dõi (3)

Minh Nguyệt

Câu trả lời:

1. The man _______ was speaking to us was very tall.
A. who        B. which      C. whose

2. The woman _______ bought the dress did not speak English.
A. which      B. who        C. whose

3. The people _______ flight was cancelled were upset.
A. whose    B. which      C. who

4. Do you know anyone _______ speaks Japanese?
A. which      B. that or which    C. that or who

5. The guy _______ was very friendly.
A. that I met         B. I met       C. either A or B

6. The man _______ car we bought was from Texas.
A. whose    B. which      C. either A or B

7. That's the cat _______ we saw yesterday.
A. that         B. either A or C    C. which

8. Can you see the man _______ is sitting at that table?
A. whose    B. who        C. which

9. Do you know the name of the artist _______ painted this portrait?
A. whose    B. which      C. that

10. What's the name of that guy _______ party we went to last week? 
A. that         B. whose    C. which

11. February, which is the second month of the year, is the month _______ many of my colleagues take vacation for skiing.

A. which                       B. when                      C. in which                D. where

12. The dress _______ the movie star is wearing weighs about fifty pounds.

A. whom                       B. that                       C. why                       D. which

13. Playing fetch, our dogs, ran after the tennis ball _______ bounced across the kitchen floor.

A. that                       B. whose                       C. which                       D. who