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Đến từ Chưa có thông tin , Chưa có thông tin
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Luyện tập tổng hợp

Câu hỏi:

9. While Tom ....tennis, Ann .......a shower. A. played/took B. playing/taking C. was playing/was taking D. was play/was take 10. When they ......in the garden, the phone.... A. worked/was ringing B. were working/rang C. worked/rang D. work/rings 11. They ...tea when the doorbell .... A. have/is ringing B. were having/rang C. had had/ rang D. having/ringing 12. Father ....his pipe while mother ....a magazine. A. smoked/read C. had smoked/read B. was smoking/was reading D. smoking/reading 13. When I .....into the office, my boss ....for me. A. came/was waiting B. was coming/waited C. had come/waited D. came/waiting 14. When I ....John, he .....across the road. A. see/ walks B. see/was walking C. saw/was walking D. saw/is walking 15. When he ...., we....dinner. A. arrived/having B. arrived/were having C. was arriving/had D. had arrived/had 16. While they .....chess, we ....the shopping. A. playing/doing B. were playing/doing C. played/did D. were playing/were doing 17. They ....football when the lights in the stadium ....out. A. were playing/went B. played/was going C. were playing/ was going D. playing/went 18. While George and John ...their room, she.....the ironing. A. cleaning/doing B. were cleaning/was doing C. were cleaning/doing D. cleaning/was doing 19. While I ....TV last night, a mouse ran across the floor. A. watch B. watched C. was watching D. am watching 20. While George and John .....their room, she ......the ironing. A. cleaning/doing B. were cleaning/was doing C. were cleaning/doing D. cleaning/was doing 21. While I (study) .......in my room, my roommate (have) ......a party in the other room. Exercise 2: Find and correct the mistakes. 1. Nick went to several concerts while she were staying in New York. 2. The soldiers prepared to leave when the bomb exploding. 3. I saw an accident while she was waitting for the taxi. 4. Last month, a bank robber escaped while the police were puting. 5. I watching TV when she called to make a invitation. 6. When the phone rang, she was writting a letter for her boyfriend. 7. While we had the picnic, it started to rain. 8. What are you doing when the earthquake started? 9. I were listening to my iPod, so I didn't hear the fire alarm. 10. You were not listen to me when I told you to turn the oven off.