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Part 3 : Complete the sentences with appropriate form of the word. 1. __Scientists__ are trying to find out new stars. SCIENCE 2. he was turned down for the job beacause he wasn't __qualified__. QUALIFY 3. My colleagues are very pleasant but the manager is a little __unfriendly __ . FRIEND 4. Teenagers are now __fashionably___ dressed . FASHION 5. Some people claim to be able to __foretell__ the future . TELL Part 4: put the verbs given in the brackets into their appropriate tenses or forms . 6. Jimin did not get used to ( get )__getting__ up early when he first came to Vietnam. 7. By the time your brother ( return )__returns__ here next year , the city will have changed a lot . 8. What tune ( play )__was being played__ when we came in ? 9. I wish i ( know ) __knew__ her address now. 10. They ( learn) __are learning__ English from nine to ten in this room. Don't let anyone disturb them then. 11. The prisoner is thought ( escape ) __to have escaped by climbing over the wall yesterday . 12. five kilometres ( be ) __is__ a long way for a little boy to walk . 13. He stepped down from the bench on which he ( stand ) was standing - and walked out of the room . 14. He ( serve ) __served__ in the ARMY in the last war. 15. She regrets ( not/ buy ) ___not buying___ that house . It is much more expensive now. Part 5 : Find and correct form . 16. The pilice has -> have (A) not decided whether or not ( B) to charge (C) the four young men (D) . 17. Without (A) transportation, our (B) morden sociey -> society(C) could not be existed => exist (D) . 18. She (A) left (B) the room with not -> without (C) saying a (D) word . 19. The more careful -> carefully (A) you drive , the fewer (B) accidents (C) you will have (D) . 20. (Xem lại đề câu này nhé) The price of (A) crude oil to be a great (B) deal lower (C) than now ,wasn't (D) it ?