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Lâm Thị Hoàng Vy

When I ( arrive)........ at this house, he still ( sleep).........

The Light ( go) out while we ( have) ........ dinner.

We ( clean)........ the house when she ( come) yesterday.

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When I ( arrive)...ARRIVED..... at this house, he WAS still ( sleep)....SLEEPING.....

The Light ( go) WENT out while we ( have) .....WERE HAVING.. dinner.

We ( clean)...WERE CLEANING..... the house when she ( come) CAME yesterday.

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Các câu hỏi tương tự
phấn ngọc

1. At this time yesterday we (play) __________________ tennis in the schoolyard.

2. At 7:00 pm yesterday (watch) ________________________ TV.

3. Yesterday while my father (watch) _____________________ TV, my mother (read) the newspaper, my sister (do) _______________________her homework and I (play) ____________ chess with my friend.

4. What were you doing when I phoned you? I (have) ____________________a bath.

5. She (do) __________________________her homework at the time yesterday.

6. Marry (water) ______________________the flowers at 3:00 p.m yesterday.

7. They (visit) __________________________the zoo at ten o’clock yesterday.

8. Peter and I (do) _____________________the exercise at this time last night.

9. Last night my father (feed) ________________________the pigeons at 7:00.

10. At this time last year we (learn) _______________________English in London.

11. When I (arrive) ________________ at this house, he still (sleep) ______________.

12. The light (go) ________________ out while we (have) _________________dinner.

13. Bill (have) ________________ breakfast when I (stop) _____________ at this house this morning.

14. When I (arrive) ___________________at this house, he still (sleep) ________________________.

15. As we (cross) ______________________the Street, we (see) _____________________an accident.

16. Tom (see) ______________a serious accident while he (stand) __________________at the bus stop.

17. The children (play) ________________ football when their mother (come) ___________back home.

18. The bell (ring) ______________________while Tom (take) ___________________ a bath.

19. He (sit) ______________________in a car when I (see) ______________________him.

20. We (clean) _____________________the house when she (come) _______________yesterday.


Chia động từ trong ngoặc ở thì quá khứ đơn hoặc hiện tại hoàn thành:

1. What she (do) when you (arrive) there? She (write) a letter

2. She (have) her bath while her sister (get) the breakfast ready

3. The storm (begin) at half past ten while the class (study) history

4. When the students (hear) the bell, they (get) up and (leave)

5. Mr harvey (ask) me about my plans the next time he (see) me

6. Just as I (leave) for home, a student (stop) me in the hall

7. As I (cross) the street, two cars (race) by me at full speed

8. Dorothy and I (just leave) the house when the telephone (ring)

9. The minute I (hear) the news, I (send) hima telegram

10. I (go) to ask you to help me, but you (sleep) so peacrfully when I (look) into your room that I (decide) to do it alone

11. My mother (arrive) while I (clean) the kitchen

12. John (work) from morning to night he (study) to be a doctor

13. Just as I (write) the letter, the inkpot (fall) over

14. A noise of breaking chairs (suggest) the the men (fight)

15. He (just close) the church door when he (notice) a man still praying in the corner

16. The men (fight) bravely, but the general (order) them to retreat

17. As he (come) up to his house in the darkness, he (see) that a man (climb) out of one of the bedroom windows

18. John (work) hard when suddenly the door (open)

19. When we (open) the front of door we (see) someone walking out of the gate

20. Lightning (strike) the tree that they (shelter) under. Of course, they (have) a terrible fright, but they (be) very lucky. No harm (come) to them at all

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