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Nguyễn Công Tỉnh
23 tháng 2 lúc 23:39

Bạn hỏi rồi mà ta??

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Thanh Tramm
24 tháng 2 lúc 9:38

1) Professor Wilson is an excellent lecturers who teaches Chemistry

2) The man whom you met at the party last night is a famous actor

3) There are some words which are difficult to translate

4) The student whose composition i red writes well

5) Jim's sister, whom you met yesterday, is a famous architect

6) I received two job offers, neither of which I accepted

7) I was looking for a book which i have found it now this morning

8) Mrs Smith, who does volunteer work at the hospital, is retired teacher

9) I live in a dormitory, whose residents come from many countries

10) Lake Prespa which is on the north greek border is a lonely beautiful lake

11) The little girl who sat next to me on the coach ate candy the whole day

12) The police blocked off the road which caused a traffic jam

13) Felix Reeve, whose tape recorder was stolen, is a journalist

14) This famous picture was damaged during the war is worth thousands of pounds

15) The village has around 200 people, the majority of whom are farmers

16) I don't know the name of the woman whom I spoke to on 30 miles away

17) We often go to visit our friends in Bristol which is only 30 miles away

18) I have to call the man whose umbrella I accidentally picked up after the meeting

19) Louis knows the woman who is meeting us at the airport tomorrow

20) The scientists who discovered a new plane has won the Nobel Prize

21) The river which flows through hereford is the Wye

22) We climbed to the top of the tower, where we had a beautiful view

23) A few days ago I met Diana, whom I hadn't seen her for ages

24) This is a photograph of our friends whom we went on holiday with

25) This famous painting, whose value is inestimable,was damaged during the war

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