Duy Lê

1.  Their_______________is making model.

 A. hobby

B. hobbies

C. favourite

D. like

2. Color  vegetables are _______________ food.

A. unhealthy

B. healthy

C. bad

D. health

3. Students should collect old books and unused clothes for ____________.

A. every body

B. children

C. people

D. street children

4. Our school often holds “Green Sunday” to make streets more_____________

A. beauty

B. beautifully

C. beautiful

D. dirty

5.  _______________ do you go to the library? – twice a month.

 A. How often

B. When

C. Where

D. What

6.  I think Mai is too_______________. She needs to eat more.

 A. fat

B. strong

C. tall

D. thin

7.  Her  parents are always proud_______________her.

 A. on

B. for

C. of

D. about

8.  I often_______________the elder people whenever they need.

 A. look after

B. look up

C. look for

D. look into

9.  Nga doesn’t like black cats___________she thinks they bring bad luck.

 A. so

B. because

C. but

D. and

10.  My father works in a factory. He is a_______________.


 A. farmer

B. doctor

C. worker

D. teacher

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