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Read the passage then choose the best answer.

When springtime comes, everything bigins to wake up. Many animals in the woods have been asleep all winter. Birds have been aways. Under the snow, the ground has been hard and still.

Then, all at once, it is spring! The day begins to grow long. From the south the birds fly back, ready to build their nests. Animals wake up and start to look for food.

Trees grow new leaves. Plants begin to flower. Baby birds and animals are born. Farmers are busy from morning till night.

In many counrties, people greet the spring with songs and dancing. Springtime is a happy time all over the world.

1. The story as a whole is about …………….

A. living in winter B. birds flying south

C. flowers D. springtime

2. Spring is the time when…………………

A. birds fly to the south B. it starts to snow C. baby birds and animals are born D. farmers have more free time

3. farmers ……………. In the spring.

A. have little to do. B. begin to look for food C. sing and dance to greet spring D. begin to get very busy

4. Many animals go to sleep in winter because …………….

A. It is difficult for them to find food.

B. they have been awake during the other seasons.

C. it is too cold for them to look for foood.

D. they don’t need to eat.

5. Birds fly south in winter because …………….

A. There are more trees for them there.

B. it is warmer in the south than it is in the north.

C. they want a warmer place to lay eggs.

D. the days there are longer.

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