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Toyama Kazuha
Phuong Nguyen
 Lê Uyển Nhi
Lục Tử Phong

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Luyện tập tổng hợp

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Question I.The following passage contains ten mistakes. Identify and correct them. (10pts)

If there is one characteristic of British work in the arts that seems to stand out is its shortage of identification with wide intellectual trends. Playwrights and directors can be left-wing in their political lout-out, but the plays they produce rarely convey a straightforward message. The same is largely true of British novelists and poets. Their writing is naturalistic and is not connected to particular intellectual movements. The theatre had always been very strong in Britain, especially in London. The country’s most successful playwrights are those who explore the darker side of the personality and of personal relationships. In contrast, the cinema in Britain is often regarded as not quite part of the arts in all, it is simply entertainment. Britain is unique between the large European countries in giving mostly no financial help to their film industry. Classical music is also a minority interest. British seem disinterested in high education, they watch lots of television, but are enthusiastic readers. The vast minority of books reading in Britain are not classified as serious literature.

Question II:The following passage contains ten mistakes. Identify and correct them. (10pts)

I have a briefcase full of papers which describes cases Sherlock Homes has investigated. Some are failures since there were some final explanations for the mysteries in question. A problem without a solution may interest the specialist, but will offer little to the general reader. Among these finishing stories is that of the yacht Alicia, which one morning sailed into the mist and disappeared forever; the vessel along the crew were never seen again. Then there was the case of the well-known journalist Luigi Persano, who found completely mad with a jar in front of him. A jar contained a remarkable worm, unknown by science up to that point. Apart from these mysterious cases to which Holmes did not find solution, there are those which various influence people would rather no see on print and those which might affect the reputation of Holmes himself, for whom I have more respectness than for any man alive