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Câu trả lời:

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words in each group.

1. A. visit

B. resort

C. museum

D. restaurant

2. A. seat

B. great

C. please

D. beach

3. A. helped

B. wanted

C. sounded

D. suggested

4. A. hotel

B. photo

C. move

D. pagoda

5. A. city

B. center

C. country

D. cigarette

6. A. mind

B. climb

C. exciting

D. destination

7. A. sugar

B. sorry

C. seaside

D. summer

8. A. busy

B. why

C. history

D. family

9. A. page

B. village

C. luggage

D. heritage

10. A. what

B. which

C. where

D. who

Give the correct form or tense of the verbs in the brackets.

1. My uncle (not/ be) hasn't been out of his house since he (buy) bought a color TV.

2. I don’t think I (go)will go out tonight. I (be) am too tired.

3. John (wash) is washing his hands. He (just/ repair) has just repaired the TV set.

4. Tell him (bring) to bring his bike inside. If he (leave) leaves it there, someone (steal) will steal it.

5. Where (you/ spend) did you spend your summer holiday last year?

Finish the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first.

1. Keeping the environment clean is very important.

-> It’s very important to keep the environment

2. They will show the time machine to the public when they finish it.

-> The time machine will be showed to the public when they finish it.

3. He was delighted to receive his aunt’s letter.

-> He was delighted that his his aunt sent him a letter

4. Old car tires are recycled to make shoes and sandals.

-> People recycle old car tires to make shose and sandals

5. I’m very sad that I wasn’t accepted in that group.

-> I’m very sad not to be accepted in that group

6. Van keeps forgetting his homework.

-> Van is always forgetting his homework

7. I would like you to help me to put the chairs away.

-> Do you mind helping me to put the chairs away?

8. Please don’t make any noise; I’m very tired.

-> I’d rather you didn't make any noise I'm very tired

9. Having a vacation abroad is very interesting.

-> It is interested in having a vacation abroad

10. The water was so cold that the children couldn’t swim in it.

-> The water wasn’t warm enough for the children to swim