Học tại trường Chưa có thông tin
Đến từ Thanh Hóa , Chưa có thông tin
Số lượng câu hỏi 2
Số lượng câu trả lời 8
Điểm GP 3
Điểm SP 2

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Câu trả lời:

\(\text{1. the train/ when/ leave/ does/ ?}\)
\(\text{→Where does the train leave?}\)
\(\text{2. stopped/ they/ it/ working/ because/ too/ was/ late} \)
\(\text{→They stopped working because it was too late.}\)
\(\text{3. yet/ James/ homework/ finished/ has not/ his} \)
\(\text{→James has not finished his homework yet.}\)
\(\text{4. did/ last week/ they/ at school/ a test}\)
\(\text{→They did a test at school last week.}\)
\(\text{5. tonight/ want/ to the cinema/ to go/ we}\)
\(\text{→We want to go to the cinema tonight.}\)
\(\text{6. mind/ room/ not/ would you/ in/ smoking/ this/ ?}\)
\(\text{→Would you mind not smoking in this room?}\)
\(\text{7. the library/ take/ I/ the book/ will/ today/ to}\)
\(\text{→I will take the book to the library today.}\)
\(\text{8. must/ at five o’clock/ leave/ we/ the house.}\)
\(\text{→We must leave the house at five o’clock.}\)
\(\text{9. song/ now/ singing/ a/ is/ new/ he}\)
\(\text{→He is singing a new song now.}\)
\(\text{10. years/ bought/ they/ house/ this/ two/ ago}\)
\(\text{→They bought this house two years ago.}\)
\(\text{11. sleep/ cats/ at/ usually/ do/ night/ not}\)
\(\text{→Cats do not usually sleep at night.}\)
\(\text{12. goes/ lab/ Tuesday/ on/ afternoons/ she}\)
\(\text{→She goes lab on Tuesday afternoons.}\)
\(\text{13. ought/ you/ to/ up/ give/ smoking}\)
\(\text{→You ought to give up smoking.}\)
\(\text{14. Brenda/ some tea/ before/ made/ I/ had/ came}\)
\(\text{→Brenda had made some tea before I came.}\)
\(\text{15. my/ play/ tennis/ not/ friend/ does}\)
\(\text{→My friend does not play tennis.}\)