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Câu hỏi:

I. Passive voice ( viết câu bị động)

1.A lot of things must be done to clean up this river.

2.That course hasn't been taught by Professor River this semester.

3. My house isn't painting because it is raining.

4. This paper is read by millions of people every day.

5. has the date of the meeting been changed?

6. This kind of work has never been done by Maria before.

7. That problem wasn't referred to at the last meeting.

8.My money is stolen from my purse this morning.

9. Money is usually changed at that bank.

10. I was taken to school by my father every day when I was small.

II.If clause (type 3)

1. We got to the station in time to catch the train. If we _______ (miss) it, we_______(be) late for the meeting.

2.I took a taxi to the hotel but the traffic was very bad. It_____(be)quicker if I _____(walk).

3.if she (not/fail)_____one of her final exams she wouldn't have had to spend part of the summer in college.

4.Mary and I weren't able to go on a honeymoon. We(can/go)______away if my father(not/get sick)______.

5. The accident was your fault. If you (drive)____more carefully, it (not happen)____.

6. If you had wored harder, you (pass)_____ you final exam.

7.It's good that you reminded me about Ann's birthday. I (forget)______if you (not reminded)______me.

8.If you (not ignore)______my advice, you ( not get into) _______ trouble yesterday morning.

9. If you (tell)______ me what was going to happen, I ( never do)_______such a foolish thing.

10.I(not invite)_______ John to the party if I (know)____ that you and he didn't get along well with each other.

11.I didn't go into busines with Sam. If I (go)______ into business with him, I (become)________ a success.

12. I got wet because I didn't take my umbrella. However, I (not/get wet)_____ if I (remember) _______to take my umbrella.

13.I'm doing the test very well now. I (not/do)_____ the test well if I (not/revise)______ thoroughly last night.

14.I'm broke, but I (have)_____ plenty of money now if I (not/spend)______ so much yesterday.

15. The view was wonderful. If I (have)______ a camera, I (take)_____some photos.

* Viết câu

16. He didn't prepare for the interview, so he didn't get the job.

17.we can home from our holiday early because we ram out of money.

18. I went to bed late. In the morning I felt tired.

19.The house didn't burn down because the fire brigade came immediately.

20.we left the party late. So we couldn't get a bus.

21. I took the job because I didn't know how difficult it was.

22. The woman didn't die because she received immediate medical attention.

23. Ann didn't pass the entrance examination, so she wasn't admitted to the university.

24. There was a test yesterday. You didn't know that, so you didn't study.

25.you got into so much trouble because you didn't listen to me.

26. The men were wearing protective clothing, so they were all quite safe.

27. It was raining yesterday afternoon,so I didn't go for a walk.

28. Rita is exhausted today because she didn't get any sleep last night.

29. Bob left his wallet at home this morninng, and how he dosen't have any money for lunch.

30.Joe got a ticket because he was driving too fast.

Chủ đề:


Câu hỏi:

I. Circle the best answer

1. The boy can't speak English without make mistakes. (sửa lỗi)

2. People can't clean up the polluted environment, but they can stop______ the problem.

A.worsening B.worse C.to worsen D.worsened

3. We should do something immediately to save the Earth_______ being destroyed.

A.Form B.in C.on D.without

4.______ the tractor _______last year?

A.Was/bought B.Did/buy C.Has/been bought D.Dose/buy

5. Would you like going to the cave with us this Sunday? ( sửa lỗi)

6. The farm is famuos_____ its production of wine

A.in B.about C.with D.for

7.The_____ is a place which is very large and thickly covered with plants, trees and bushes and is also the habitat for wild animals.

A.marine B.forest C.mountain D.species

8. Students_____ to wear jeans at school

A.don't allow B.aren't allowed C.aren't allowing D.wasn't allowed

9.______the fire before? Yes, when I was on business in the North.

A. Were you see B.Do you see

C. Have you seen D.Did you saw

10. I don't have my car now. It______ in the garage.

A. Is repaired B.is being repaired C. Was repaired D.has repaired

II.Word from

1. We can't stop the_____ of plants and animals.(appear)

2.My son's study is______. He often gets bad marks at school.( worry)

3.Man is______doing harm to the environment. (Constancy)

4.It is_____to ride a motorbike in Vietnam without a helmet.( possibility)

5. The new law to____ wildlife in Vietnam is going to be passed. ( conversation)

6. Water______ has become more and more serious due to the nuclear tests in the seas and oceans.(pollute)

7. A lot of money has been spent on______ of the animals' natural environment.( reconstruct)