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Chủ đề:

Luyện tập tổng hợp

Câu hỏi:

Chọn lỗi sai và sửa lại

1.They are planning on attending the convention next month and so I am

2.Today was such beautiful day that I couldn't bring myself to complete all my chores

3.He has less friends in his classes now than he had last year

4.The house painted more than three years ago, but I'm not going to have it done again for a while

5.I get a bad mark. I wish I did my homework last night

6.Some mistakes were made in the brochure, but they might corrected before you get back

7.First of all , he asked me where I came and what did I like

Word form

1. The government take.... action on deforestation (decide)

2. It is.... to eat too much sugar and fat (health )

3. The plans for the .... were approved by the committee (celebrate)

4. He is always... toward his colleagues (consider )

5. The earthquake has caused great...., and rebuilding the city will take years ( destroy)

6. .... saucers might be airrcraft, balloons, clouds or tricks of light (fly)

7. UFO is no longer humans'.... (imagine)

8..... is a film or radio or television program giving facts about something (document)


1. It is thought that the Prime Minister is considering eaising taxes

The Prime Minister

2. It is the weakness of the foundations that leads to the collapse of the building


3.Could you tell me the time of the last train to London ?

Could you tell me when

4. He was very sorry that he didn't see Audrey on her trip to London

He greatly regretted

5. The police let him leave after they had questioned him

He was

6. I haven't seen that man here before


7.The furniture was so expensive that I didn't buy it

The furniture was too

8. I'm always nervous when I travel by air


9.He could not afford to buy the car

The car

10. 'Why don't you put your luggage the seat?' , he asked me

He suggested

11. Although he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his job

In spite

12. I advise you to put your money in the bank


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Chủ đề:

Luyện tập tổng hợp

Câu hỏi:

Chọn lỗi sai và sửa lại cho đúng

1.I was so exciting to get your present yesterday

2.Mai used to walking past the mosque on her way to her primary school

3.The young girl talks to your teacher is my sister

4.She asked me don't to throw trash away but put it in the garbage bin

5.If the news turns out to be true, Mr.Jones would sell his shares at once

6.We haven't seen Mr.Brown when he moved to HaNoi five years ago

7.The majority to the news is about violence and scandal

8.That doctor is visited the patient since 5 p.m

9.When our vacation, we plan to spend three days scuba diving

Word form

1.What can be done to minimize the damage of the .... flood ? (destroy)

2.Naturally, I was eager to ,make a first good...(impress)

3.You have to speak to her... (gentle )

4.People can enjoy interesting programmes in a (n).... and convenient way (expense)

5.Don't read this book. It's..... (bore)

6.We should use water and electricity (economic )

7.Many scientists do not believe in the.... of UFOs (exist )

8.These mushrooms are edible but those are .... (poison)

9.Butter and cheese are made from milk. They are milk.... (produce )

10.If you put your.... aside, you will be able to speak in public (shy)

11.The scientists have been carrying out some... plans this year (agriculture)

12.The boy tried to repair the clock, but he was.... (success)


1.Why don't you reuse these paper bags?


2.Our districts has ten secondary school; many of them have excellent reputation

Our districts has ten secondary school ,many of

3.The highway was close because of the heavy snow during the night


4.The children enjoy walking in the rain

The children are

5.The workers painted their house white

6."Let's organize a sponsored cycling race"

The children suggested

7.He is extremely rich but very mean

In spite

8.You'd better not touch that switch

If I

9.I'd rather you didn't smoke here

Would you mind

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Chủ đề:

Luyện tập tổng hợp

Câu hỏi:

Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

A volcano is an opening in the earth's surface through (14) lava, hot th gases, and rock fragment erupt. (15) 20 Lu Hoang Tri an opening occurs when melted rock from depth within the earth blasts through the surface. Most volcanoes are at the p of mountains, and the mountains themselves are also called volcanoes Eruptions of volcanic mountains are spectacular (16) huge fiery clouds rise over the mountains, an (17) sides. In other eruptions, red-hit ash and cinders shoot out the mountaintop, and large chunks of hot rock are blasted (18) few eruptions are so (19) eruptions occur on volcanic islands. Such islands are the tops of volcanic islands in some eruptions, d glowing rivers of lava flow down into the air. A that they blow the mountain apart. Some from that have been built (20) from the ocean floor by repeated eruptions. Other eruptions occur along narrow cracks in the (21) floor

14. A. that B. where C.which D. when

15. A. Such B. So C. Many D. That

16. A. scenes B. scenery C. sights D. signs

17. A. its B. it C. their D. theirs

18. A. high B. above C. below D. highly

19. A. gentle B. terrible C. awful D. violent

20. A. into B. up C. on D. onto

21. A. pond B. pool C. lake D. ocean

Chọn lỗi sai và sửa lại cho đúng

22. Although Jane studies very well, but she never gets good marks in the examinations

23. His good sense of humorous distinguishes him from his brothers.

24. The number of the books in the library have risen to over five thousand